Montana: Mitigation Affordability, Climate Resiliency and Economic Vitality for a Small Community Confluence Project

Proposed communitywide mitigation solution that will counter the effects of climate change, protect nearly 1,000 structures from flooding, and yield multiple ancillary benefits.

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Three Forks City, Montana: $4.15 Million


Beyond the reduction of flood and wildfire risk, the Confluence Project will improve public health by protecting three community wells that supply drinking water and preventing septic system pollution in the event of a flood. It also creates new opportunities for recreation and wetlands conservation, improves mental health outcomes, protects sites on the National Register of Historic Places, creates opportunities for economic development and affordable housing and reduces flood risk for disadvantaged populations.

Project Description

This project will decrease flood risk for 73% of the city’s population. The project’s communitywide benefits will allow continuous operation of critical government and business functions, ensuring the Community Lifelines of safety and security, food, water and shelter, transportation, and health and medical treatment can continue in the event of a 100-year flood event.

The project was designed with future conditions in mind, including an analysis by Great West Engineering of the impacts of a 500-year flood (a flood flow of 3,500 cubic feet per second). The project removes the entire western portion of the city from both the 100-year and 500-year Jefferson River floodplains and, more importantly, removes this area from the floodway.

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