Texas: Harris County Upgrades Storm Water Infrastructure

Harris County upgrades storm drainpipes to mitigate flood hazards for local subdivision.

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Harris County, Texas: $8.60 million

Project Description

Harris County is working with Harris County Precinct 4 and the city of Houston to mitigate existing flood hazards in the Sherwood Oaks subdivision. The subdivision does not meet the current city or county drainage and engineering standards and is subject to frequent flooding from moderate to extreme rainfall events. Such events occur often in southeast Texas with 136 properties in the project area qualifying as repetitive loss and severe repetitive properties.

This project will upsize existing storm drainpipes, build a parallel storm drain system, and upgrade the existing inlets and laterals to meet Houston’s standards. This will allow the areas storm sewer system to provide a two-year level of service and help contain flooding caused by 100-year storm events.

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