Texas: Climate Resilient Elevation of Flood Vulnerable Properties

The city of Houston, Texas, seeks to improve the safety and resiliency of 24 homes. This project will elevate the homes two feet above the 500-year flood level.  

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Houston, Texas: $3.69 million

Project Description

Working to bring homes in alignment with its floodplain ordinance, the city will elevate 24 homes two feet above the 500-year flood level after they received 39 loss claims. This will protect against future floods, reduce property damage, and let residents stay in their homes. The work will include choosing qualified contractors, ensuring work complies with state and local codes and standards, and ensuring all contractors can do the work safely. Homeowners who are briefly displaced during construction will receive housing funds. Once construction is finished, they will move back to their homes with increased safety, dignity, and fewer emotional and financial stressors. 

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