North Dakota: South Bismarck Flood Risk Reduction Measures

The city of South Bismarck will carry out flood risk reduction measures that will provide FEMA-accredited flood protection and allow properties to be removed from the 100-year regulatory floodplain. 

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South Bismarck, North Dakota: $50 million

Project Description

A proposed pump station and gate structure will provide certified flood protection to South Bismarck for a 100-year river flood level by rebuilding the South Washington Street Closure Structure and the New South Washington Street Pump Station. This project will improve stormwater channel conveyance along South Bismarck Street, South Washington Street, South 3rd Street and East Wachter Avenue. There will also be improvements at the detention pond at South Bismarck Street, interior drainage diversion at South 12th Street; and the pond outlet at Tacoma Avenue. There are 117 active National Flood Insurance Program policies in the project area. 

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