Mississippi: City of Canton Martin Luther King Stormwater Improvement Project

The city of Canton has asked for funding for the Martin Luther King South Stormwater Improvement Project. The project aims to enact long-term, sustainable solutions for flood risk.

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Canton, Mississippi: $2.20 million

Project Description

The city of Canton, Mississippi, is asking for grant funding for the Martin Luther King (MLK) South Flood Mitigation Project. As part of flood mitigation efforts, Canton is looking to carry out a capital improvement project that includes activities to improve detention/retention ponds and drainage channels. The city will also rehabilitate and expand riverbank buffers.  

The major upgrade of the drainage systems in two areas prone to frequent flooding will result in new and improved driveway drainage structures, restoration and stabilization of open channels for water flow, and implementation of nature-based solutions to reduce the impact of flooding. Within the project area there are three active National Flood Insurance Program policies and there have been 48 loss claims.  

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