Louisiana: Localized Flood Risk Reduction in the Town of Golden Meadow

The coastal town of Golden Meadow is working to solve the drainage problem that has adversely affected quality of life and travel due to flooding of both residences and local businesses. 

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Golden Meadow, Louisiana: $3.07 million

Project Description

As a coastal community, the town of Golden Meadow regularly experiences rain events, that  have led to flood issues throughout the town due to the age and inadequate sizing of their current drainage system. This Drainage Improvements Project is meant to solve the problem of localized flooding and extended periods of standing water. These issues hurt the town’s quality of life and prevent travel along a main thoroughfare due to flooding to the residences and businesses within the town.  

This project will boost drainage capacity and efficiency by installing improved drainage structures and culverts. Components of this project directly benefit the town and the South Lafourche region by supporting flood risk reduction benefits to several disadvantaged groups. 

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