Arizona: Weekes Wash Regional Flood Control Facility Application

The city of Apache Junction works to make the downstream community safer and reduce the need for search and rescue operations in flooding events. 

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Apache Junction, Arizona: $44.43 million

Project Description

The project aims to build a flood control facility near Lost Dutchman Boulevard and State Highway 88 in Apache Junction, Arizona. There are 37 active National Flood Insurance Program policies and there have been two loss claims. This facility will collect floodwater, sediment, and storm debris during a 100-year storm event. The facility will align with the flow path of Weekes Wash and its historical outfall by reducing the peak discharge of water and sediment, benefiting the city, county, and downstream property owners. The project will recharge the groundwater naturally using the impounded stormwater. The facility will also use nature-based solutions, including permitted surface recharge, to enhance water resource resilience and reduce reliance on the Colorado River.  

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