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Introducing the New FEMA.gov

Release Date

Over the past two years, FEMA.gov has been visited over 80 million times, making it our most important communication tool to provide disaster survivors, emergency managers, government and private sector officials, and first responders with the information and assistance they need before, during and after disaster. Today we are excited to launch a fully redesigned FEMA.gov that is easy to navigate, focused on the user and accessible by all. This is a big step towards reducing the complexity of FEMA, one of the three main strategic goals for the agency.

This redesign is an opportunity to start fresh. We’ve upgraded our content management system and fully implemented the U.S. Web Design System for greater accessibility and mobile-friendly user experiences. Our team worked across the entire agency with program experts to rewrite thousands of pages in plain language and reorganize the information to make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.

As you explore FEMA.gov, you may notice these major changes:

  • User focus. The old FEMA.gov became overwhelmingly organized by our office structure rather than common sense topics and information was often written in insider shorthand. The new navigation menus now help site visitors better identify where to find the information they are looking for.
  • Getting local. A new geo-filter search function allows people to enter a state or zip code to see active disaster declarations, alerts, press releases and other information specific to their location. Over time, we will be able to add more location features and content to ensure you can always find the most urgent and timely information for your area.
  • Modern web design. The site embraces U.S. Web Design System principles of starting with real user needs, embracing accessibility and consistent design. The launch of the new site is a first big step towards creating a unified, accessible and experience for our audiences across all our digital platforms and media.

This is a first step in what will be a continuing effort to make sure our customers can easily access the information needed.  We want your feedback to know what works for you and what you’d like to see improved.  We welcome you to check out the redesigned site, and then visit our Contact Us form to share your thoughts.

Last updated March 17, 2021