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Best Practices Stories

The sampling of Best Practices below offer insight on actions taken by people to mitigate against disasters.

Previously submitted stories can be found at the Homeland Security Digital Library (

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  • Repetitive Flood Claims Program Benefits City and Homeowners
  • User Friendly Government: Town of Hempstead Seeks to Lighten the Load
  • Backup Plan Provides Electrical Power for a New Jersey Community
  • Computerized Warning System Alerts Pueblo Residents
  • On Top of the Game in Floodplain Management
  • Mass Acquisitions Ward Off Repetitive Flood Loss


  • Elevation Saves Business and Provides Refuge
  • Elevating a Slab-On-Grade Home
  • Bay Head Elevated Home Undamaged by Sandy Surge
  • Flood Vents, Elevation, and Compliance: Homeowners Protect Their Investment
  • Combating Streambank Erosion in Fountain Creek
  • Flood Mitigation Project Leads to Saving the Town of Wellington


  • Brenton, Wyoming County Pre-Disaster Mitigation
  • FEMA Grant Helps Town Rebuild Road, Improve Safety for Residents
  • FEMA HMGP Funding Provides Security in Port Neches
  • Grants and Forward Thinking Prevent Sewer Backup
  • Hazard Mitigation Grant Pilot Provides Safe Haven for Louisiana Couple
  • Multiple FEMA Grant Programs Ease Flood Worries
  • Using Grants to Help Convert Overhead Electrical Lines to Underground


  • Hurricane Straps Save a Roof
  • Safe Room Protects Oklahoma Family
  • Making Tornado Safety a Priority
  • Twenty Survive in Neighbor's Safe Room
  • Community Continues to Enjoy Benefits of Safe Room Investment
  • Winning the Battle Against High Wind Events
  • Lahouse: A Mitigation Model for Louisiana Homes

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