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Tribal Funding, Mitigation and Planning Resources




Public and Individual Assistance Resources


If you, your family or your home were individually impacted by a major disaster, FEMA can help support your recovery. Find the disaster assistance and support services you need.

Governments and Private Non-Profits

If you work for a state, local, tribal or territorial government, or select private nonprofit organizations, get assistance in place to support your communities and constituents.

Tribal Mitigation Planning Resources

Tribal mitigation plans look at natural hazards that may affect tribal governments and suggest actions to reduce losses from those hazards. Tribal governments need to develop and adopt hazard mitigation plans to receive non-emergency disaster funds from FEMA assistance programs. View all hazard mitigation grants.


Preparedness Resources for Tribes

Become more prepared for emergencies with our training opportunities, grant programs and preparedness tips.

Training for Tribal Representatives
Training courses by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI). Specific courses are tailored to tribal audiences, including tribal emergency managers, tribal community response personnel, and tribal leaders.

Training: Center for Domestic Preparedness
The Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP) trains emergency responders in ten different disciplines, such as law enforcement, healthcare and hazardous materials. Training for local, state and tribal responders is fully funded by DHS to include travel, lodging and meals.

Tribal Homeland Security Grant Program
This grant program provides funding to Indian tribes to strengthen Tribes’ capacity to prepare for and respond to emergency situations.  Additional FEMA grant programs are also available to tribal governments. 

Ready Indian Country
Ready Indian Country provides preparedness resources for tribal communities. Find resources and information designed for Indian Country and tailored to your geographic region.

Last updated December 14, 2020