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The Seismic Mitigation Showcase Guides highlight mitigation successes in earthquake and tsunami mitigation by documenting specific locations and communities, the decision-making process, path to funding , and how partnerships were developed.  

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The Evergreen State College, Washington: Seismic Retrofits for Architecture of a Liberal Arts Institution

As a result of the damaging impact to core academic buildings and the library from the Nisqually earthquake on February 28, 2001, The Evergreen State College developed a strategic, methodical process for identifying seismic retrofit projects that have increased the campus’ resiliency to future seismic events.

Portland, Oregon: Built to Last

In 2014, the City of Portland used federal emergency monies to seismically retrofit several dozen homes. This project leveraged the customer engagement and contractor infrastructure established by northwest nonprofit, Enhabit, an organization that focuses on social impact through better living spaces.

Port Townsend, Washington: Seismic Retrofits for the Foundation of an Historic Pacific Northwest City

The 2001 Nisqually earthquake, the 2010 Haiti earthquake, and 2011 Japan earthquake and subsequent tsunami compelled the City of Port Townsend to explore solutions to protect its residents, economy, and infrastructure. Through a strong public engagement process of developing a community vision and business plan, the city’s community elevated the historic identity of its downtown as a top priority to protect.

Newport, Oregon: Creating Safe Access to a Tsunami Safe Haven Assembly Area

This guide highlights how the City of Newport achieved a successful tsunami mitigation project by coordinating key partnerships, leveraging and managing a FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance grant, and engaging and encouraging public outreach and awareness efforts. This information is intended to support other communities who are interested in pursuing similar projects.

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