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Terms frequently used by FEMA. In a few instances, standard insurance industry terms have been added for additional focus and emphasis.
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Term: Job-Share Position

A full-time position that is occupied by more than one person. For example, a fire department may hire two part-time staff persons at 28 hours each to fulfill the scheduled work hours of one 56-hour shift position.

Glossary Section: AFGP - Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program
Term: JFO

Joint Field Office.

Glossary Section: NDRF - National Disaster Recovery Framework
Term: Joint Field Office (JFO)

A temporary Federal multi-agency coordination center established locally to facilitate field-level domestic incident management activities, and provides a central location for coordination of Federal, State, local, tribal, nongovernmental, and private-sector organizations with primary responsibility for activities associated with threat response and incident support.

Glossary Section: NDHS - National Disaster Housing Strategy
Term: Juvenile Firesetter Intervention

A program designed to reduce the number of fires and burn injuries caused by children experimenting with fire.

Glossary Section: AFGP - Assistance to Firefighters Grants Program