Julia Moline

Julia Moline
Office of Response and Recovery

Deputy Assistant Administrator, Logistics

Julia Moline is the Deputy Assistant Administrator, Logistics Operations, for FEMA’s Logistics Management Directorate, Office of Response and Recovery. The Logistics Management Directorate provides a comprehensive, coordinated logistics capability to respond to the needs of state governments and citizens during major disasters and emergencies. Her office oversees the execution and management of FEMA’s comprehensive supply chain operations including FEMA’s distribution centers and transportation functions. Additionally, Julia’s office is the primary lead for the acquisition and deployment of FEMA’s temporary housing mission.

Previously, Julia served with FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) Division, most recently as Program Design Branch Chief and Program Delivery Branch Chief. In that capacity, she was instrumental in implementing the national PA Delivery Model, including establishing the four Consolidated Resource Centers, designing innovative processes and technology solutions, and establishing a mentorship function for field PA leadership. Those capabilities enabled FEMA to deliver record levels of financial assistance to communities in need, including $46B for COVID-19 and $30B for Puerto Rico’s recovery. Moline has also served as the Analytics Lead in the Field Operations Directorate and in Recovery Analytics, where she designed and developed workforce planning models to support field operations.

Prior to joining FEMA, Moline was a civil engineer with Dewberry, focused on hazard mitigation grants and guidance. Moline holds a Master’s in Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Columbia University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Columbia University.

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