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PDAT Resources when Procuring with Federal Grant Funds

Some communities may not always have the resources on hand to properly prepare for, respond to, or recover from a disaster.

When using FEMA Public Assistance funds to procure goods and services before, during and after a disaster, you must follow the federal procurement under grant regulations.

Failure to follow the applicable rules may place your FEMA grant funding at risk.

In addition to providing training and technical assistance on the procurement under grant rules, the Procurement Disaster Assistance Team (PDAT) has created and compiled the resources below to help you avoid common mistakes when procuring with federal disaster grant funds.

Know the Rules

The federal procurement under grant rules are found at 2 C.F.R. §§ 200.317-200.326. There are different sets of procurement rules that apply depending on whether you are a state or a non-state entity.

  • First, determine whether you are a state or non-state entity:
    • State entities include any U.S. state or territory as well as state agencies or state instrumentalities.
    • Non-state entities include local governments, tribal governments, some institutions of higher education, hospitals, houses of worship, and private nonprofit organizations.  


Explore Procurement under Grant Tools and Resources

Quick Reference:


Hands-On Resources:


In-Depth Reference Materials:


PDAT and Other Resources by Topic:

COVID-19 Guidance

Procurements under FEMA Awards during Periods of Emergency or Exigency


This 36-minute video tutorial will help you understand how to properly contract during emergency or exigent circumstances when using federal funds.

Other Helpful Resources


Take a Training Now

This webinar series will help you understand how the federal procurement under grant rules apply to your contracting process.


Introductory concepts:

General procurement under grant information; common terms you will see throughout the series; applicable laws; roles of Federal and non-Federal entities in the procurement under grant process.This block of instruction is the first in the series.


Rules that specifically apply to state entities:

Overarching procurement under grant rules applicable to states, including state agencies, instrumentalities of the state, and territories, but not local governments.


Rules that specifically apply to local governments, tribes, houses of worship, and private nonprofits, sometimes collectively referred to as non-Federal Entities (NFEs) other than states:

General procurement standards applicable to NFEs other than states.

Rules related to competition and procurement methods that apply to NFEs other than states.

Rules related to socioeconomic contracting as well as cost or price analysis that apply to NFEs other than states

Rules related to pre-procurement document review and bonding requirements that apply to NFEs other than states.


Rules that apply to all NFEs:

State and local governments must comply with the rule on procurement of recovered materials while all NFEs (i.e., states, local governments, tribal governments, houses of worship, and private nonprofits) must comply with the rule regarding required contract provisions.

Key differences between the current procurement standards and the previous procurement standards.

  • For emergency and major disaster declarations issued on or after December 26, 2014, the procurement rules for all non-Federal Entities (NFEs) are located at 2 C.F.R. §§ 200.317-.326. (See Updated Field Manual)

  • For emergency and major disaster declarations issued before December 26, 2014, the rules for states, local governments, and tribes were located at 44 C.F.R. § 13.36, and the rules for nonprofits were located at 2 C.F.R. §§ 215.40-.48. (See archival 2014 Field Manual)


Please note that the dollar thresholds mentioned in the webinars were those effective at the time of recording and have since been adjusted for inflation.   

Request a PDAT Training

The Procurement under FEMA Awards Training helps participants understand how to properly contract when using federal funds.

  • Target Audience:

State, local, and tribal emergency management personnel, houses of worship, and private nonprofit entities; Public Assistance applicants.

  • Goal:

Increase awareness of applicable contracting requirements when using federal funds under the Public Assistance Program, decrease potential noncompliance, and help applicants avoid the potential loss of federal assistance funds.

  • Topics include:

Federal procurement requirements applicable to states, local and tribal governments, hospitals, institutions of higher education, houses of worship, and other private nonprofit organizations; full and open competition; emergency and exigency period contracting; methods of procurement; cost or price analysis; socioeconomic contracting; and contract provisions.

  • Course Length:

Several options available to meet the audience’s needs.  The standard course is 2 hours long.

  • Delivery Options:

PDAT offers in-person and webinar course delivery options.

Reach out to your state or FEMA representative to schedule a webinar or in-person PDAT training today!

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