FEMA Announces 2021-2022 Youth Preparedness Council

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June 15, 2021

This release was updated on July 8, 2021 to reflect changes in the council roster. Alexia Nastasia was added and Amanda Hingorani was removed.

WASHINGTON -- Today, FEMA announced the 2021–2022 Youth Preparedness Council members. FEMA selected nine new members to join six returning council members. Members are selected based on their dedication to public service, community involvement and potential to increase levels of community resilience throughout the country.

FEMA created the council in 2012 to bring together diverse young leaders interested in strengthening disaster preparedness across the nation and within their communities.

The new 2021 council members are:

  • Isaac Doll of Colorado.
  • Aubrey Dockins of Florida.
  • Miles Butler of Idaho.
  • Beitris Boyreau-Millar of Maryland.
  • Ranjana Ramesh of Massachusetts.
  • Alexia Nastasia of Missouri.
  • Mirika Jambudi of New Jersey.
  • Megan Cameron of New York.
  • Amira Seay of Texas.
  • Shivani Jayaprakasam of Washington.

The returning council members are:

  • Nyl Aziaya of Alabama.
  • Nico Bremeau of California.
  • Devangana Rana of Illinois.
  • Vishnu Iyer of Indiana.
  • Hunter Tobey of Massachusetts.

The council supports FEMA’s commitment to build a culture of preparedness in the United States and provides an avenue to engage young people by considering their perspectives, feedback and opinions. Council members meet with FEMA staff throughout their term to provide input on strategies, initiatives and projects.

This year, each council member will participate in the Youth Preparedness Council Summit held virtually in late July. During this annual event, members will participate in online preparedness activities; learn from senior leaders in national preparedness; and engage with FEMA community preparedness staff who offer support and mentorship throughout their term.

Each year, 15 teens serve on this distinguished council. The next application cycle will open in early 2022. Teens in the eighth through 11th grades may apply online at https://community.fema.gov/applytoYPC.

To learn more about FEMA’s Youth Preparedness Council, visit: http://www.ready.gov/youth-preparedness-council

Last updated July 8, 2021