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New Orleans Metropolitan Area Infrastructure Projects

Currents Projects Under Alternative Arrangements Review

The FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Grant Program provides supplemental federal disaster grant assistance for the repair, replacement or restoration of disaster-damaged, publicly owned facilities and the facilities of certain private nonprofit organizations. The following PA projects are currently being reviewed by FEMA EHP. They are considered eligible projects for review under Alternative Arrangements. In addition to the local applicant’s own public outreach, FEMA EHP is accepting any public comment on the proposed projects which is welcome on any individual project currently under Alternative Arrangements review. Comments may be submitted through the contact us page of this website. This page will be updated as new projects are received and old project reviews are completed.

Past Projects reviewed under Alternative Arrangements

Greater New Orleans MapThe public comment period has passed on all previously reviewed projects. Past projects that have been reviewed under Alternative Arrangements are captured by parish in the spreadsheets below. Within each parish’s spreadsheet, the projects are sorted further by infrastructure criteria. The spreadsheets provide brief project descriptions, location data, applicant id’s, and project titles.

St. Tammany (XLS 37KB)
Jefferson (XLS 62KB)
Orleans (XLS 161KB)
Plaquemines (XLS 34KB)
St. Bernard (XLS 40KB)
St. Charles (XLS 26KB)
St. John the Baptist (XLS 19KB)


All FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Projects

Not all FEMA Public Assistance projects meet the criteria for the use of Alternative Arrangements. The spreadsheet below captures all PA projects to date within the NOMA, related to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The spreadsheets provide Project Worksheet numbers, Categories of Work, Project Titles, Project Descriptions, Special Consideration information, dates of obligation, applicant id’s, and percentage of work complete.

PA projects (XLS 6,206 KB)

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