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Flood Claim Disaster Offices

This page describes the types of temporary flood claim offices that may be established to help coordinate handling of flood insurance claims after an event.

When a major disaster hits and causes a large number of flood claims, several types of temporary field offices may be established to coordinate flood insurance claims effectively and efficiently. These offices, described below, are primarily for insurance companies, agents, and adjusters.

Flood insurance policyholders should contact the insurance company or agent who wrote their policy to file a claim. Also read the Claims Handbook for tips on handling your claim. Another excellent resource is FEMA's File Your Claim page.

FRO - Flood Response Office responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with WYO companies to provide guidance, define the scope of coverage, and facilitate the adjustment of losses sustained by policyholders of the NFIP who are insured by WYO companies.
  • Supporting and coordinating with the Joint Field Office (Joint Field Offices open to serve survivors after a Presidential Disaster Declaration) to advise the Federal Coordinating Officer (appointed by the President of the United States to coordinate activities related to a declared disaster) on flood insurance activities, help avoid duplication of benefits, provide information and assistance to NFIP policyholders, and speed the delivery of flood insurance claim payments.

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