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National Dam Safety Program

A partnership of states, federal agencies and other stakeholders to encourage and promote the establishment and maintenance of effective Federal and state dam safety programs to reduce the risk to human life, property, and the environment from dam related hazards.


 Dam Incident Planning Guide

What NDSP Includes

Information Needs for Dam Safety
Under FEMA’s leadership, state assistance funds have enabled all participating states to better their programs through increased inspections, emergency action planning and the purchase of needed equipment.

Dam Safety Training
FEMA has expanded existing training programs and initiated new training programs to enhance the sharing of expertise between the federal and state sectors.

Grant Assistance to the States
Grant assistance provides vital support for the improvement of state dam safety programs that regulate most of the 87,000 dams in the United States.

Dam Safety Research
A national research program in dam safety focuses on priorities and produces products for both the layperson and the expert and develops technological tools that drive data collection and analysis toward a better understanding of risk and remediation needs.

NDSP Partners
To encourage individual and community responsibility for dam safety, FEMA coordinates partnerships through two Federal organizations, the National Dam Safety Review Board and Interagency Committee on Dam Safety.

Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dam Grant Program
The President signed the “Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation Act” or the “WIIN Act,” on December 16, 2016, which adds a new grant program under FEMA’s National Dam Safety Program (33 U.S.C. 467f). Section 5006 of the Act, Rehabilitation of High Hazard Potential Dams, provides technical, planning, design, and construction assistance in the form of grants for rehabilitation of eligible high hazard potential dams.

2018 National Inventory of Dams
The National Inventory of Dams (NID) is now open to the public. The NID was populated using the 116th Congressional District Information. State and federal dam regulators provided their data from May to November 2018 for inclusion in the 2018 database.

Publications and Resources

For a listing of publications and resources, visit Dam Safety Publications & Resources.

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