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Civil Air Patrol - Aerial Photography & Ground Search Missions

The objective of the exercise to evaluate not only performance but coordination efforts between the agencies and the Civil Air Patrol. Some of the tasks that we sent out today, involve supporting FEMA in a flood scenario where they go up and take literally thousands of photographs of simulated inundated areas, failed dams, things of that nature. We can get analysis from their imagery of whats going on and where and how bad it is, and that can feed directly into our decision process ultimately leading to a more effective, survivor centric, response. We train our mission base staff continually as well, in addition to air crews and ground crews because the whole system functions as a whole. We exercise throughout the entire range to make sure that we keep complete control over all missions at all times. We're trying to make it more realistic, instead of just saying very basic things a simple search, we throw in weather, we throw in aircraft not being able to take off, we throw in loss of electrical power in the building, loss of internet, loss of cell phones, to really highlight the capabilities that CAP has. They have the ability to communicate and do stuff that they dont need to rely on that technology for and thats why they're so good at what they do. As technology develops, CAP, the Civil Air Patrol is expected to grow with that technology. The Civil Air Patrol provides a very inexpensive method for FEMA to get the imagery that they need and they get it quickly and they get it effectively.


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Video by Dominick Biocchi - Apr 28, 2016
Last Updated: May 10, 2017