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FEMA Media Library

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Culture Improvement Action Plan

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COVID-19 Resource Summary Report

The COVID-19 Resource Summary Report (Report) is a starting point for coordinating programs and resources from across the federal family around recovery challenge areas. Partners should directly consult each agency’s program information to verify the applicability of a particular program.
Reviewing FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) policy and the companion Report provides eligibility criteria for FEMA PA and points to other potential federal resources. The PA policy identifies what is considered eligible for the PA program and delineates nuances. The Report supports SLTT partners to identify where other federal resources may be available to assist.

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FEMA National Engagement Comment Form

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National Incident Management System Training Program (May 2020)

"NIMS training is one piece of a comprehensive incident management program involving a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, equipping, exercising, evaluating, and taking corrective actions.
In 2017, FEMA revised NIMS to incorporate lessons learned, best practices, and changes in national policy, including updates to the National Preparedness System.1 This NIMS Training Program incorporates the revised NIMS content and clarifies recommended training for incident personnel. This training program supersedes all prior versions of NIMS training and the Five-Year NIMS Training Plan."

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Fema Public Assistance Second Appeals Tracker 12-01-2020

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Fema Daily Public Assistance Grant Awards Activity 12-01-2020

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FEMA Daily Public Assistance Grant Awards Activity 12-01-2020

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FEMA TMAC Public Meeting Summary 10-29-30-2020