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Marshall Fire: One Year Later Fact Sheet

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Letter of Final Determination- Jan. 26, 2023

LFD Date: 4/27/2022
FIRM Effective Date: 1/26/2023
States: Florida, Georgia, Indiana

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Submitting a Notice of Loss Form – Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire

Learn how to submit a Notice of Loss form to begin the claims process.

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Cooperating Technical Partners - FEMA-approved Special Projects Statement of Work (SOW)

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National Exercise Division 2023 Exercise Support Request Form

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Episode 113: Tribal Roundtable - Investing in Emergency Management

To accomplish FEMA's mission, we work with governments at all levels to ensure the agency is helping people before, during, and after disasters. One special relationship that federal agencies, such as FEMA, have is the relationship with tribal nations, since the federal government has a treaty and trust relationships with tribes. In that same vein, tribal emergency management is very different compared to emergency management at the local or state level. In this episode, Troy Christensen, from the FEMA podcast team, speaks with two tribal emergency managers about what makes their job unique. Also, stick around for a bonus segment after the episode. You won't want to miss it, as we explore one tribal elected official's take on why investments in emergency management are a top priority.

FEMA P-530, Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners.
Cover image, Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners - blog

Image of this FEMA Report, FEMA P-530, Earthquake Safety Guide for Homeowners:

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Fact Sheet: Snow Related Activities

The Fact Sheet explains the limited financial assistance FEMA provides for snow-related activities for a continuous 48-hour period to address the most critical emergency needs. It provides an overview of eligibility criteria, the specific language which must be included in a related major disaster declaration for snow related activities to be eligible for a specific incident, and references where the reader may find more detailed info in the PA program and Policy Guide.

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Letter of Final Determination: Sept. 7, 2023

LFD Date: March 7, 2023
FIRM Effective Date: 9/7/2023
States: Connecticut, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania

Angela Gladwell
Angela Gladwell