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FEMA Media Library

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Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) City Of Plattsmouth Wastewater Treatment Facility, Plattsmouth, NE

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Wasatch Front Unreinforced Masonry Risk Reduction Strategy

Unreinforced masonry was a common building material throughout Utah until building codes began requiring reinforcing steel during masonry construction in Utah beginning in the 1970s. Published by FEMA and the state of Utah, this report provides local communities with a strategy to significantly reduce the earthquake risk posed by these buildings.

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FEMA Form 5 - Coastal Structures

Use this form to request a revision to coastal flood hazard elevations and/or areas based on coastal structures being credited as providing flood hazard reduction from the base (1%-annual-chance) flood.
Coastal Structures Form FF-206-FY-21-104, formerly_086-0-27D_

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FEMA Form 2 - Riverine Hydrology and Hydraulics

This form should be used for revision requests that involve new or revised hydrologic and/or hydraulic analyses of rivers, streams, ponds, or small lakes.
Riverine Hydrology and Hydraulics form FF-206-FY-21-101, formerly_086-0-27A_

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FEMA Form 6 - Alluvial Fan Flooding

This form is used to ensure structural flood control measures in areas subject to alluvial fan flooding is designed and/or constructed to provide 1% annual-chance or greater flood hazard reduction. This is required for FEMA to recognize it on a flood map.
Alluvial Fan Flooding form FF-206-FY-21-105, formerly_086-0-27E_

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FEMA Form 4 - Coastal Analysis

This form is intended to document the steps taken by the requester in the process of preparing the revised models or analyses and the resulting revised Flood Insurance Study information.

Coastal Analysis Form FF-206-FY-21-103, formerly_086-0-27C_

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FEMA Form 3 - Riverine Structures

This form should be used for revision requests that involve new or proposed channelization, bridges/culverts, dams/detention basins, and/or levee/floodwall systems (both accredited and, where applicable, non-accredited). The requester should only complete the sections of this form that apply to the revision request. A separate form should be used for each flooding source that has structures involved in the revision request.
Riverine Structures form FF-206-FY-21-102, formerly_086-0-27B_

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Mutual Aid for Building Departments: Region 10

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Mutual Aid for Building Departments: Region 9

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Mutual Aid for Building Departments: Region 7