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FEMA Media Library

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Request For Offers Guidebook (2021)

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FEMA Transportation Service Provider (TSP) Agreement and Certification Statement 2021

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Medical Staffing Requests

State, Tribal and Territorial (STT) governments across the Nation are still fighting the battle against rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, resulting in strains on medical personnel availability. FEMA and our interagency partners are working constantly to support requests for additional medical staff but recognize there are more robust solutions than the federal government alone can provide.

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The Defense Production Act Committee Report to Congress

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Defense Production Act to Reduce Interruptions in Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Operations During Emergencies

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Building Codes Save: Infographics

View four infographics that highlight findings from the study.

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David Maurstad

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Wyoming County Demolition Preamble

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Wyoming County Virtual Public Meeting

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Vaccination Planning FAQ

FEMA is releasing the COVID-19 Vaccination Planning FAQ to provide information to stakeholders about the coordinated federal effort to support the distribution and administration of COVID-19 vaccinations, including supplemental assistance available through the Public Assistance Program.