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FEMA Media Library

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FEMA-4590-DR-LA Severe Winter Storms

A white multiple floors building in the Punta Santiago Vacation Center.

Punta Santiago Vacation Center

FEMA awarded over $5.1 million for repairs at the Punta Santiago Vacation Center in Humacao, one of the most important ecotourism destinations in the eastern part of the island. The facility is located near Balneario Punta Santiago and the Efraín Archilla Humacao Nature Reserve, a 3,186-acre recreational park and a refuge for wildlife.

Aquatic park in Punta Santiago with palm trees surrounding the park.

Punta Santiago Aquatic Park

FEMA awarded over $5.1 million for repairs at the Punta Santiago Vacation Center in Humacao. The award also includes funding to repair the Punta Santiago Aquatic Park.

Tide gate installed on Marine Drive/

Lummi Nation Tide Gate

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Suspension of Community Eligibility - Effective May 4, 2021

ACTION: Final rule. SUMMARY: This rule identifies communities where the sale of flood insurance has been authorized under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that are scheduled for suspension on the effective dates listed within this rule because of noncompliance with the floodplain management requirements of the program.

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FEMA P-85, Protecting Manufactured Homes from Floods and Other Hazards - Overview

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FEMA P-499, Homebuilder's Guide to Coastal Construction - Overview

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FEMA P-804, Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Buildings - Overview

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FEMA P-388, Safe Room Posters, Brochures, Quick Guides and Additional Resources (2015)

The materials are intended to help communities mitigate damage or loss from tornadoes and other extreme-wind events, and provide public information resources for conveying the importance of safe room construction. This is part of FEMA’s ongoing mitigation effort to lessen the impact that disasters have on people and property.

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Highlights of ICC 500-2014, ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters

ICC 500-2014: The International Code Council (ICC) 500-2014 is a referenced standard in the 2015 International Building Code® (IBC) and the 2015 International Residential Code® (IRC). Buildings or spaces designated for use as a shelter from tornadoes and/or hurricanes within the scope of the IBC and IRC must conform to the requirements in ICC 500. Highlights of ICC 500-2014 cover Administration and Oversight; Structural Design Criteria; Occupancy, Means of Egress, and Access; Fire Protection, Essential Features, and Accessories; and Test Methods. The report also covers significant changes made to the 2014 edition compared to the 2008 edition of ICC 500. For anyone who wants a better understanding of ICC 500-2014, please refer to ICC 500-2014 Standard and Commentary: ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters which was published in 2016 and addresses each section of the standard in more depth.

ICC 500-2014 is also a referenced standard in FEMA P-320, Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business (2014) and FEMA P-361, Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes: Guidance for Community and Residential Safe Rooms (2015).