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FEMA Media Library

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Manufactured (Mobile) Home/Travel Trailer Worksheet

FEMA Form 206-FY-21-111: Policyholders use this form to provide information about the flood damage to a manufactured (mobile) home or travel trailer. This form replaces FEMA Form 086-0-17.

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Adjuster's Preliminary Flood Damage Assessment

FEMA Form 086-0-20: This form is used by adjusters to list potentially substantial damaged structures in preparation for possible ICC claims.

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Factsheet: What is Hazus

This document provides an overview of FEMA's Hazus, including how it works, data inputs, and uses in the emergency management community.

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Inundaciones Después de un Incendio (Hoja Informativa)

Los incendios forestales dejan el suelo calcinado, árido e incapaz de absorber agua, creando condiciones propicias para inundaciones repentinas y avalanchas de lodo.

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Proof of Loss - Building & Contents (Adjuster-Prepared)

FEMA Form 206-FY-21-112: This form can be used when the adjuster prepares the Proof of Loss as a courtesy to the policyholder, who then reviews and verifies the accuracy of the information and amounts.

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Adjuster’s Registration Application

FEMA Form 086-0-21: This form is used to collect information from individuals seeking to become certified flood adjusters.

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Adjuster’s Subrogation Referral

FEMA Form 086-0-16: The adjuster uses this form to identify potentially responsible third parties and their actions that may have caused worsened flood damage.

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Adjuster’s Narrative Report

FEMA Form 086-0-15: The adjuster uses this form to report additional information not provided in the Preliminary or Final Report as part of documenting the claim.

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Claim Appeal

FEMA Form 206-FY-21-115: A policyholder may appeal a denial by an NFIP insurer directly to FEMA. The policyholder must: (a) submit the appeal within 60 days of the date of the denial letter for the item(s) denied, (b) include a copy of the denial letter, and (c) include this completed form, along with documentation that supports the appeal.

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Advance Payment Request - Building & Contents

FEMA Form 206-FY-21-113: Policyholders use this form to request an advance payment of the total claim payment for flood damage to eligible insured building property and personal property.