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Marshall Fire: One Year Later Fact Sheet

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Letter of Final Determination- Jan. 26, 2023

LFD Date: 4/27/2022
FIRM Effective Date: 1/26/2023
States: Florida, Georgia, Indiana

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Submitting a Notice of Loss Form – Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire

Learn how to submit a Notice of Loss form to begin the claims process.

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Cooperating Technical Partners - FEMA-approved Special Projects Statement of Work (SOW)

Christina Finch and FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell
FEMA 44 blog - Christina Finch

Christina Finch – 13 Years at FEMA
National Hurricane Program Manager, Response

Lorenzo A. Leon
FEMA 44 blog - Lorenzo A. Leon

Lorenzo A. Leon – 3 Years at FEMA
FEMA Integration Team

Samantha Przybylski
FEMA 44 blog - Samantha Przybylski

Samantha Przybylski – 2.5 Years at FEMA
Grants Management Specialist from Region 8 Mitigation Division

Nichole Reeves
FEMA 44 blog - Nichole Reeves

Nichole Reeves – 3 Years at FEMA
Administrative Support Assistant

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National Exercise Division 2023 Exercise Support Request Form

Joe Cirone
FEMA 44 blog- Joe Cirone

Joe Cirone – 3 Years at FEMA
Federal Coordinating Officer