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FEMA Media Library

A woman in a FEMA vest talks to children and adults on a front porch
Strategic Plan Field Photo 9

A group of FEMA responders talk to two survivors who are standing on a front porch
Strategic Plan Field Photo 8

Two people in FEMA clothing talk to a man seated on the back of a pickup truck
Strategic Plan Field Photo 7

Three people in FEMA vests walk together away from the camera
Strategic Plan Field Photo 6

A person in FEMA clothing walks toward a disaster area
Strategic Plan Field Photo 5

A person in FEMA clothing walks toward a disaster area; the disaster area is in grayscale
Strategic Plan Field Photo 4

Two FEMA employees working together, with one holding a tablet
Strategic Plan Field Photo 2

A FEMA employee stands in the middle of a disaster area.
Strategic Plan Field Photo 3

FEMA employee working in a field location
Strategic Plan Field Photo 1

Group of FEMA staff members in front of a FEMA sign
Strategic Plan Staff Photo

Group of four people standing together, with three men in Native American headdresses
Strategic Plan Pine Ridge

Group of people stacking hands
Strategic Plan Stock Image

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell standing in front of a blue circle
Strategic Plan F1 Picture

Woman leaning over folding table to talk to child
Strategic Plan Image 60020

White checkmark on orange background
Strategic Plan Goal 3 Icon

Graphic of four individuals standing together
Strategic Plan Goal 3

Graphic of a globe in green and white
Strategic Plan Goal 2 Icon

Graphic of a man and woman holding a globe
Strategic Plan Goal 2

Graphic with three mint green pillars
Strategic Plan Goal 1 Icon

Graphic associated with goal 1, with individuals positioned on three pillars
Strategic Plan Goal 1