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Building Science and Risk MAP Fact Sheets

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The following fact sheets were developed by FEMA Region IV and provide information on reducing risk and improving resilience.

FEMA Building Science Considerations for Risk MAP: FEMA Building Science can help minimize natural hazard impacts to your community through several considerations. This fact sheets lists out some of  Risk MAP Flood Risk Products that building science can help advance. These include Depth Grids, changes since the last Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), Flood Risk Assessment, and Community Engagement and Outreach.

FEMA Building Science Resources to Help Reduce Risk and Improve Resilience: Together, FEMA's Building Science Branch and Risk MAP program leverage insights about mitigation planning, risk reduction, and building design to create disaster-resilient communities that help reduce the loss of life and property. Within the framework of Risk MAP, communities can use Building Science resources to gain a better understanding of effective mitigationn actions to consider.