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HWM Community Pilot and Project Summaries

This page highlights past High Water Mark (HWM) pilots and projects conducted between 2012 and 2016. This page is intended for local officials, emergency management personnel, community leaders, as well as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Regions, federal, state, and local entities.

Map of the US with pin points on current high water mark communities
High Water Mark Projects

To date the HWM Initiative was successfully launched in 37 communities around the United States. Five communities participated in HWM pilot projects conducted from 2012–2013. Since the pilots, we have conducted 32 additional HWM projects. As part of the Pilot Initiatives, communities posted HWM signs in prominent places, held high-profile launch events to unveil the signs, and conducted ongoing education to build local awareness of flood risk. Post-pilot phase, communities are required to identify and complete specific mitigation action(s) to build community resilience against future flooding.

Each HWM community has made an exciting and firm commitment to increasing resiliency in their communities. Learn more about why these communities wanted to be a part of the HWM Initiative, how they managed and launched their Initiative, and their efforts and steps to promote mitigation action within their communities:

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