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Flood Insurance Reform - Reducing Risk and Rates

This page discusses: mitigating your home to protect it from flooding (e.g., for those in Special Flood Hazard Areas [A and V zones]); in-depth information about how and why to get an Elevation Certificate (helps you know the true flood risk for your property); a link to the National Flood Insurance Program manual; and how the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 will impact flood insurance rates.

There are many ways property owners, businesses and communities may mitigate, or reduce, their flood risk and receive additional consideration to help reduce insurance costs, as illustrated in these informational videos and materials:

The first step to mitigating risk is to learn the property’s elevation rating, by obtaining an Elevation Certificate. Although elevation certificates may not be required to purchase flood insurance on certain buildings, it is an option of the insured to obtain one to better understand the true flood risk of a property and possibly lower flood insurance premiums.

Property owners also have great opportunity to mitigate their risk and help receive consideration for lower rates by building or re-building to higher standards, as indicated below:

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