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Fire Prevention & Safety Grants - Grantee Award Year 2018


This page contains a list of Fire Prevention & Safety Grants (FP&S) grants awarded for Fiscal Year 2018. Eligible organizations are fire departments, national, regional, state, local, tribal and territorial organizations, and nonprofit organizations that are recognized for their experience and expertise in fire prevention and safety programs and activities. The intended audiences are AFG stakeholders, which include but are not limited to award recipients and the communities they serve..

Weekly Award Postings For Grantee Award Year 2018

Records are sorted in alphabetical order by Organization.

FY 2018 FP&S Grantee Awards
OrganizationCityStateProgramAward AmountAward Date
Center Point Fire DistrictBirminghamALFire prevention and safety$82,095.249/18/2019
University Of ArizonaTucsonAZResearch and development$1,428,571.439/18/2019
International Association of FirefightersWashingtonDCFire prevention and safety$1,498,773.349/18/2019
International Association of Firefighters FoundationWashingtonDCFire prevention and safety$1,424,943.819/18/2019
American National Red Cross, TheWashingtonDCFire prevention and safety$1,499,999.059/18/2019
Florida State UniversityTallahasseeFLResearch and development$384,411.439/18/2019
University of Central Florida Board of Trustees, TheOrlandoFLResearch and development$538,880.959/18/2019
City of OrlandoOrlandoFLFire prevention and safety$23,809.529/18/2019
Iowa State University of Science and TechnologyAmesIAResearch and development$1,499,989.529/18/2019
Village of South Chicago HeightsChicago HeightsILFire prevention and safety$26,666.669/18/2019
Village of SchaumburgSchaumburgILFire prevention and safety$22,618.109/18/2019
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.NorthbrookILFire prevention and safety$1,500,000.009/18/2019
University Of IllinoisUrbanaILFire prevention and safety$1,268,579.049/18/2019
City of IndianapolisIndianapolisINFire prevention and safety$41,409.529/18/2019
Fort Wayne, City OfFort WayneINFire prevention and safety$93,238.109/18/2019
National Institute for Public Safety Health, Inc.IndianapolisINResearch and development$1,428,571.429/18/2019
University Of KentuckyLexingtonKYResearch and development$264,388.729/18/2019
State Fire Marshall's Office LouisianaBaton RougeLAFire prevention and safety$52,380.959/18/2019
Springfield, City OfSpringfieldMAFire prevention and safety$116,643.819/18/2019
Town of ShrewsburyShrewsburyMAFire prevention and safety$14,285.719/18/2019
National Volunteer Fire Council, Inc. GreenbeltMDFire prevention and safety$278,900.969/18/2019
The National Fallen Firefighter FoundationEmmitsburgMDFire prevention and safety$1,500,000.009/18/2019
First Responder Center For Excellence For Reducing Occupational Illness, Injuries And DeaCroftonMDFire prevention and safety$810,810.479/18/2019
City of BaltimoreBaltimoreMDFire prevention and safety$742,857.149/18/2019
Pacific Institute For Research And EvaluationBeltswilleMDResearch and development$990,203.819/18/2019
Middle Tennesse State UniversityOkemosMIFire prevention and safety$883,028.579/18/2019
Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan Grand RapidsMIFire prevention and safety$23,967.629/18/2019
Kansas City, Missouri, City Of Kansas CityMOFire prevention and safety$82,499.059/18/2019
North Carolina State UniversityRaleighNCResearch and development$750,000.009/18/2019
New York UniversityNew YorkNYFire prevention and safety$435,967.629/18/2019
Village of ShortsvilleShortsvilleNYFire prevention and safety$16,761.909/18/2019
City of WyomingCincinattiOHFire prevention and safety$19,338.109/18/2019
Oregon Health & Science UniversityPortlandORResearch and development$1,426,096.199/18/2019
Pittsburgh, City OfPittsburghPAFire prevention and safety$952,380.969/18/2019
renton volunteer fire departmentPittsburghPAFire prevention and safety$43,190.479/18/2019
County of GeorgetownGeorgetownSCFire prevention and safety$54,571.439/18/2019
Rock Hill, City ofRock HillSCFire prevention and safety$96,190.489/18/2019
Medical University of South CarolinaCharlestonSCFire prevention and safety$496,690.489/18/2019
Middle Tennesse State UniversityMurfreesboroTNResearch and development$224,997.159/18/2019
Travis County Emergency Services District 1JonestownTXFire prevention and safety$76,476.079/18/2019
City of Rowlett, Inc.RowlettTXFire prevention and safety$42,857.149/18/2019
County of TravisPfugervilleTXFire prevention and safety$191,361.909/18/2019
Amarillo, City OfAmarilloTXFire prevention and safety$23,704.769/18/2019
International Public Safety Data InstituteNokesvilleVAFire prevention and safety$1,478,956.199/18/2019
Mathews Volunteer Fire Department, IncorporatedMathewsVAFire prevention and safety$18,666.679/18/2019
International Association Of Fire Chiefs, Inc.ChantillyVAFire prevention and safety$1,417,292.389/18/2019
International Society Of Fire Service InstructorsCentrevilleVAFire prevention and safety$500,333.339/18/2019
City of VancouverVancouverWAFire prevention and safety$213,758.109/18/2019
City of Grand RapidsGrand RapidsMIFire prevention and safety$245,287.629/11/2019
City of DetroitDetroitMIFire prevention and safety$287,904.769/11/2019
Town of West New YorkWest New YorkNJFire prevention and safety$57,333.339/11/2019
City of East OrangeEast OrangeNJFire prevention and safety$66,475.249/11/2019
City of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPAFire prevention and safety$220,357.149/11/2019
Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's AssociationFalling WatersWVFire prevention and safety$514,657.149/11/2019
City of BirminghamBirminghamALFire prevention and safety$22,857.149/06/2019
Jonesboro, City of JonesboroARFire prevention and safety$9,133.339/06/2019
Fry Fire DistrictSierra VistaAZFire prevention and safety$4,761.909/06/2019
City of YumaYumaAZFire prevention and safety$14,619.059/06/2019
Ventura, County OfCamarilloCAFire prevention and safety$203,809.529/06/2019
Safe Community Project, The GlendaleCAFire prevention and safety$517,200.009/06/2019
California Fire Prevention OrganizationSanta RosaCAFire prevention and safety$556,214.299/06/2019
Larkspur Fire Protection DistrictLarkspurCOFire prevention and safety$18,342.859/06/2019
Maitland, City ofMaitlandFLFire prevention and safety$20,323.819/06/2019
Tampa, City Of TampaFLFire prevention and safety$17,268.579/06/2019
City of McDonoughMcDonoughGAFire prevention and safety$176,571.439/06/2019
City & County of HonoluluHonoluluHIFire prevention and safety$23,800.009/06/2019
Champaign, City ofChampaignILFire prevention and safety$139,285.719/06/2019
South Bend, City ofSouth BendINFire prevention and safety$42,095.249/06/2019
City of New OrleansNew OrleansLAFire prevention and safety$56,666.679/06/2019
Fire Protection Research Foundation, TheQuincyMAFire prevention and safety$186,666.679/06/2019
National Fire Protection AgencyQuincyMAFire prevention and safety$922,128.579/06/2019
Institution of Fire Engineers, United States of America Branch, TheCroftonMDFire prevention and safety$841,914.299/06/2019
International Association of Arson Investigators, Inc.CroftonMDFire prevention and safety$769,619.059/06/2019
City of BiloxiBiloxiMSFire prevention and safety$31,032.389/06/2019
Roanoke Rapids, City OfRoanoke RapidsNCFire prevention and safety$119,047.629/06/2019
City of South Sioux CitySouth Sioux CityNEFire prevention and safety$27,809.529/06/2019
FDNY Foundation, Inc.BrooklynNYFire prevention and safety$993,314.299/06/2019
Chautauqua Children's Safety Education Village, Inc.AshvilleNYFire prevention and safety$70,107.629/06/2019
Cuyahoga Heights, Village Of ClevelandOHFire prevention and safety$6,309.529/06/2019
Anderson, City OfAndersonSCFire prevention and safety$119,685.719/06/2019
Tennesse Department of Commernce and InsuranceNashvilleTNFire prevention and safety$333,333.339/06/2019
City of HoustonHoustonTXFire prevention and safety$132,296.199/06/2019
Fairfax County VirginiaFairfaxVAFire prevention and safety$68,507.629/06/2019
Town of PulaskiPulaskiVAFire prevention and safety$11,428.579/06/2019
City of PascoPascoWAFire prevention and safety$39,223.819/06/2019
Pierce County Fire District No. 3University PlaceWAFire prevention and safety$110,495.249/06/2019
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