FEMA Seeks Public Feedback on Simplified Procedures Policy


FEMA is seeking public feedback on the Public Assistance (PA) Simplified Procedures Policy that streamlines and further simplifies implementation of the PA program and supports rapid recovery for applicants.

Date: October 17, 2022 - November 16, 2022

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Following the Notice of Public Rule Making for Section 422 Simplified Procedures published on August 3, 2022, that established the Simplified Procedures threshold for the PA program at $1 million, FEMA is asking stakeholders for policy feedback.  The PA Simplified Procedures Policy applies simplified procedures in an appropriate and consistent manner and streamlines and simplifies procedures for the program’s small projects to further support rapid recovery for Applicants. 

The policy streamlines requirements for providing documentation for eligible facilities, work, and costs for Small Projects to include acceptance of Applicants’ certified estimates and summary information for cost.  FEMA will accept the Applicant’s certifications for damage and work, instead of it providing full or detailed documentation. The Applicant must demonstrate that damage was caused directly by the declared incident.  

This policy will reduce administrative burdens throughout the PA Program delivery process, maximize resources, simplify the program for smaller applicants with smaller dollar projects, support equitable delivery of assistance to underserved communities, and speed up the closure of projects. 

The provisions of the Simplified Procedures Policy will apply to all PA Small Projects funded under major disasters and emergencies declared on or after the date of issuance targeted for the end of 2022.


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