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Community Lifelines Implementation Toolkit

The Community Lifelines Implementation Toolkit provides whole community partners the information and resources to understand lifelines, coordinate with entities using lifelines, and serve as basic guidance for how to implement the lifeline construct during incident response.

Below are a number of Community Lifeline resources. They can be used individually or printed into a binder as an all-inclusive resource.

Community Lifelines Poster

Tier I SLB Template

Federal Incident Approach Template

Incident Management SLB Template

Toolkit 2.0 Presenter’s Guide

This document is intended for any individual who is planning to deliver the Lifelines Toolkit as a presentation. It follows the order of each slide in the presentation and provides corresponding facilitation notes.

Lifeline Card Template

Incident Stabilization Guide

The FEMA Incident Stabilization Guide(ISG) describes how FEMA implements lifelines and guides how FEMA applies these concepts to disaster operations.

Community Lifelines Toolkit 2.0

Comprehensive information and resources for implementing lifelines during incident response.

Tier II SLB Template (Doc)

NWC Lifelines Icon Graphic Tool

Last updated October 14, 2021