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Washington: North Shore Levee West Project

Benefits: Prevents repetitive annual flooding and allows for the revitalization of West Hoquiam.

Maryland: Middle Branch Resiliency Initiative, Stage 1

Benefits: Protects the heart of Baltimore City against sea level rise-related flood risk and erosion.

New Jersey: East Riser Ditch Pumping Station and Channel Improvements Project

Benefits: Increases capacity to remove floodwater faster to protect life, public health and property.

New York: Upper Minkel Dam Decommissioning and Riparian Corridor Restoration Project

Benefits: Reduces potential flood hazard for downstream communities and natural ecosystem restoration.

New York: Tottenville Shoreline Protection Project

Benefits: Enhances the shore’s ecology while providing social resilience.

California: Menlo Park Safer Bay Project

Benefits: Prevents flooding to substation and improve the environment and habitat.

North Carolina: Lumberton Loop Nature-Based Project

Benefits: Environmental, reduces flooding, and provides more equitable access to recreational areas.

California: Copeland Creek Detention Basin

Benefits: Reduces stormwater flow and improves habitat.

California: Walnut Creek/Grayson Creek Levee Project

Benefits: Add flood protection and trail system, and improve local ecology.