Supplemental Payments for Lost Wages

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The COVID-19 incident period ended on May 11, 2023. FEMA will continue to provide funeral assistance until Sept. 30, 2025, to those who have lost loved ones due to this pandemic.

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In an effort to help ease the financial burden on those who are unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump has authorized FEMA to use Stafford Act disaster relief funds to provide supplemental payments for lost wages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Up to $44 billion in Disaster Relief Funding is available to support this initiative.

To help meet the needs of the American people, the FEMA Administrator is authorized to award grants to state and territory governments to administer supplemental payments for lost wages under Other Needs Assistance, in accordance with section 408 (e)(2) of the Stafford Act (42 U.S.C. 5174 (e)(2)) and 44 C.F.R. §206.119(c)(6)(ii) for major disasters declared by the President pursuant to section 401 of the Stafford Act (42 U.S.C.§ 5170) for COVID-19, to eligible individuals under the following conditions:

  • The governor agrees to the cost sharing requirement of 42 U.S.C. § 5174(g)(2), with the understanding that states or territories must demonstrate their 25 percent of the cost share was provided from non-federal funds or federal funds that are authorized to be applied toward this cost share.
  • The governor agrees to administer supplemental payments for lost wages in conjunction with the state unemployment insurance system or agency, using their existing policies and process for adjudicating appeals from individuals seeking benefits, and to recover improperly provided payments.
  • FEMA assistance provided to eligible individuals under this program may continue until:
    • The Disaster Relief Fund (DRF) balance reaches $25 billion;
    • Congress enacts a replacement unemployment relief program; or
    • The program end date of no later than December 27, 2020.
  • Eligible individuals are:
    • Recipients of at least $100 per week of any of the following benefits for the week they are seeking unemployment benefits, beginning August 1, 2020:
      • Unemployment compensation, including Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees (UCFE) and Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service members (UCX)
      • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation
      • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance
      • Extended Benefits
      • Short-Time Compensation
      • Trade Readjustment Allowance
      • Payments under the Self-Employment Assistance program
    • Individuals must self-certify that they are unemployed, partially unemployed, or unable or unavailable to work due to disruptions caused by COVID-19.
  • A state’s or territory’s delivery of supplemental payments for lost wages is contingent upon an approval of a State Administrative Plan, which describes the partnership between FEMA and the state or territory for delivering assistance. 
  • Upon grant approval and obligation of funds, states or territories may provide supplemental lost wages payments to eligible individuals retroactively back to August 1, 2020.

This page provides states and territories information on how to complete the application materials.  Completed applications must be submitted through the website at

Read more information on registering and applying for grants through

Applications must be submitted by September 10, 2020.

The application must include the following:

  • All of the completed forms below are available to download and submit with instructions at the SF-424 Forms Repository.
    • Standard Form (SF) 424, Application for Federal Assistance
    • SF-424A Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs
    • SF-424B Assurances for Non-Construction Programs
    • Lobbying Form
    • SF-LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
    • Attachments
      • Complete this form by attaching the signed State Administrative Plan and FEMA Form 010-0-11 described below.
  • A signed State Administrative Plan detailing the methods used to implement standard Unemployment Assistance, and the supplemental payments for lost wages, as applicable. States are encouraged to use the recommended template.
  • A completed FEMA Form 010-0-11: Individuals and Households Program (IHP) - Other Needs Assistance Administrative Option Selection that includes the correct selections for a grant to administer supplemental payments for lost wages. Instructions for completing the form are available below.
      • Fill out the name of the requesting state in the first line.
      • Select the “The State/Indian Tribal Government approves the additional ONA Personal Property and/or Miscellaneous items” box.
      • The governor or designee must sign and date the appropriate box at the bottom of page 1 under STATE/INDIAN TRIBAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZING SIGNATURE.
    • On page 3, complete the ADDITIONAL ONA ITEMS Section.
      • In the first box under ADDITIONAL ONA ITEMS include the following information:
        • Line Item: Write “Individual Weekly Supplemental Lost Wages Benefit -- $300 or $400.
        • ONA Category: Write “Miscellaneous”.
        • Standard Quantity: Write “1”.
        • Maximum Quantity Awarded: Write “N/A”.
        • Justification/Situations for Use: Write “Supplemental payments for lost wages needed as a result of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus pandemic, as authorized by the Presidential Memorandum on Authorizing the Other Needs Assistance Program for Major Disaster Declarations Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019.”

Please direct any program questions regarding applying for supplemental payments for lost wages to


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