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Dam Safety Research

This page provides an overview of the importance of dam safety research and FEMA's efforts in support of that research. It is geared toward general audiences wishing to learn more about the topic of dams and their study.

Research is critical to the Nation's agenda for dam safety. Research funding under the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) has addressed a cross-section of issues and needs, all in support of ultimately making dams in the United States safer.

To guide decisions on the funding of specific research projects, the National Dam Safety Review Board developed a 5-year Strategic Plan to prioritize research needs in dam safety. The goal in developing the Strategic Plan was to ensure that priority would be given to those projects demonstrating a high degree of collaboration and expertise, and the likelihood of producing products that will contribute to the safety of dams in the United States.

Over the past 6 years, research funds have been allocated to workshops in nine of the priority areas. Based on the workshop findings, research topics have been pursued and several topics have now progressed to products of use to the dam safety community, including technical manuals and guidelines. For future research, it is the goal of the Work Group to expand dam safety research to other institutions and professionals performing research in the field.

For information on the NDSP research program, visit Dam Safety Publications and Other Resources.

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