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Closeout Report Tutorial - Submitting a Closeout Report

This section contains the Closeout Report Tutorial, Submitting a Closeout Report. The tutorial is intended for AFG grantees to assist them in submitting their closeout report.

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In this section, we will cover common reasons Closeout Reports are released back to grantees for revision.

When the status column shows "Complete" for each section of the report, or "Not Applicable" for the Equipment and Residual Supplies Inventoris, you're ready to submit your report.

Affirm that your entries are accurate to the best of your knowledge and check the box affirming this.

Enter your password and click "Submit."


Success Message

If your report was successfully submitted, you should see the following success message:

"This message is to confirm that we have received your preliminary closeout report for the current fiscal year. Please note: This does NOT mean that your grant has been closed. If there are any issues or questions regarding the content, it will be released back to you for revision. You should continue to check your email and AFG online account for any messages regarding your closeout report. Your grant will remain open until you receive a final closeout letter from the AFG Grants Management Office indicating all of your requirements have been completed and your grant has been officially closed."

Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your closeout report.


Resubmitting a Released Closeout Report

If AFG releases a closeout report back to you for revision, you will see that you have a message when you log in. Click on "1 New Message" in the Mail column. This will take you to a message screen.

On the message screen, click on the link that begins with "Final Performance Report Released" to get to the Closeout Report home screen.

Follow the reviewer's instructions and make the advised corrections. When you're finished, resubmit your report following the same instructions covered previously in this tutorial.


Continue to the Closeout Report Tutorial "Common Reasons a Closeout Report Is Released" section.

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