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Closeout Report Tutorial - Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains the Closeout Report Tutorial, Frequently Asked Questions. The tutorial is intended for AFG grantees to assist them in submitting their closeout report.

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In the final section of this tutorial, we will go over answers to frequently asked questions grantees have about the Closeout Tutorial.

How Do I Resubmit My Closeout Report?

Grantees often ask how they resubmit their closeout reports. You must click on the section that was released to make your changes and resubmit.


Why Is the Request Details Information Section Marked Incomplete?

Grantees often try to submit their closeout reports and get an error message stating that all sections must be complete. In many cases, the Request Details Information section is marked incomplete.

In this section, you must add an item description to all items listed in order for the section to be marked complete.


I Have Entered All My Information in the Request Details Information Section but It Still Reads as Incomplete

If you have entered all of your information in the Request Details Information section but it still reads as incomplete, look at the Additional Funding category. If you entered information in this section but decided to delete it later on, the Request Details Information section will be incomplete.

Enter "Not Applicable" in the description column to complete the section.


The Total Amount for My Equipment Is More than $5,000. Do I Enter It in the Equipment Inventory Section?

When grantees who have a lot of equipment that totals $5,000 or more but no individual pieces that cost $5,000 or more, they typically ask if they need to enter it in the equipment inventory.

The answer is "No." Only single items that are $5,000 or more need to be entered in this section. If no single line item costs $5,000 or more in a package, extrication equipment, for example, please note it in the description.


I Have Completed the Necessary Updates to My Closeout Report but the System Won't Allow Me to Resubmit. What Do I Do?

Sometimes grantees complete necessary updates to their closeout reports but the system won't allow them to resubmit it. Each time a closeout report is released, the SF-425's status will be released. You will have to enter this page and click "Save and Continue" in order to resubmit your report.

When you go to the Closeout Report home screen, the status of the SF-425 should have changed back to "Complete" and you will be able to submit your report.


I Cannot Gain Access to My Closeout Report

If you cannot access your AFG account, you may be entering the incorrect password. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link "Forgot Password" and fill out the information.

If you are taking over grant responsibilities, you may not know the username. In this case, you need to follow the directions in the FAQs in the "Rules and Tools" section of the AFG website.

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