Washington: Shaw and Wide Hollow Creeks Flood Control Project

Yakima flood control project removes 200 structures from floodplain

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Yakima, Washington: $6 million

Project Description

In Yakima, flooding has impacted agricultural areas, rural homes and businesses as well as caused repeated damage to a mobile home park with more than 100 mobile homes. The project removes more than 200 structures located in the floodplain and/or floodway; eliminates or reduces road closures and associated damage, augments two stream crossings and removes 6,500 feet of non-native crack willow trees from an occluded stream and relocates Shaw Creek.

The relocated creek channel will be placed back in its historic location and mimic its original location in the valley prior to agricultural development. Dominant and disruptive non-native vegetation will be replaced with a native mix of vegetation.

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