Virginia: Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvement Project

A coastal community in Virginia with several protected natural resources will implement a variety of infrastructure, nature-based, and community outreach and education solutions in order to improve resilience against worsening chronic flooding.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia: $25.14 Million


Located along the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is a resort community whose economy is primarily driven by real estate, defense and tourism. The coastal community boasts several state parks and long-protected beach areas. However, the frequency and severity of storms impacting coastal Virginia have increased significantly in recent years, creating a chronic flooding problem in many areas along the Chesapeake Bay, particularly in Virginia Beach.

Project Description

The Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvement Project will protect a vulnerable coastal community within Virginia Beach, Virginia, with a variety of innovative solutions. The project includes a package of infrastructure improvements that together will provide vital protections to the residents, businesses, and critical assets within the area. These improvements include but are not limited to two large stormwater pump stations, an automated tide gate, and canal deepening and widening to alleviate flooding in the community and on Shore Drive.

Additionally, the project will incorporate nature-based solutions, including a rain garden, meadow plantings, and bank restoration. Signage will explain the initiative and explain that mitigation ranges from actions residents can complete themselves like planting a rain garden to large government-led infrastructure projects like the Eastern Shore Drive Drainage Improvement Project.

Last updated August 16, 2022