Kentucky: Rebuilding After Flood Loss

Reconstruction after flood loss help homeowners get back to their lives.

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Oldham County, Kentucky: $1.01 Million


Large-scale rain events cause flooding throughout Kentucky on an annual basis. At times, the Ohio River crests, and floods and flood events cause significant loss of life and damage to structures.

Project Description

The proposed mitigation action will be to demolish and reconstruct four National Flood Insurance Program insured structures at or above base flood elevation.  This will be accomplished by removal of all household goods; disconnection of all utilities; demolition of the entire structure; construction of an elevated foundation; construction of heightened stairwells and doors; construction of living space on the elevated foundation; interior and exterior finish work; and reconnection of utilities. 

Inspections will be conducted by certified building and electrical inspectors throughout the life of the project from the issuance of a building permit to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy.  The owners will also obtain new elevation certificates.

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