New York: Improving Flood Resiliency in a Housing Development from Coastal Flooding with Infrastructure Updates and Green Solutions

A highly vulnerable coastal community will gain improvements through improving a local seawall to reduce National Flood Insurance Program claims and protect this disadvantaged community with an adaptive flood protection system.

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Esplanade Gardens, New York: $600,000


Esplanade Gardens is a highly disadvantaged coastal housing development with high flood risk and worsening future conditions due to climate change. The highly flood vulnerable site was inundated by coastal flooding during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and more recently by stormwater flooding during Hurricane Ida in 2021.

Project Description

This dense, vulnerable community has experienced flooding for many years. Stakeholder and community engagement will provide insights to contribute and goals to articulate as to how best to harden the seawall. The project will also aim to increase public access to recreational areas and incorporating green space on the site.

This project also includes technical assessments of the site to determine existing surface and subsurface conditions, review neighboring flood protection projects, and investigate flood exposure of the highway and subway transportation assets located at site. These efforts will lead to the development of a range of design alternatives that address the multiple goals of this study.

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