New Jersey: Whole Community Mitigation Using Elevation

Cranford Township, a community that voluntarily participates in the Community Rating System (CRS), leverages their Union County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan to identify structures to elevate, which benefits the whole community.

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Cranford Township, New Jersey: $3.67 Million


Most of the flooding around Rahway River occurs in its northern reach, with the low-lying terrain and very wide 100-year and 500-year floodplains. Severe storms, such as Hurricane Irene in 2011, have led to serious flooding in the township. The flooding is further exacerbated on Rahway River's western bank by College Branch. There are 14 Repetitive Loss and Severe Repetitive Loss properties in the northern reach of the Rahway River included in the application for elevation.

Project Description

This project will elevate buildings and infrastructure in flood-prone areas along the Rahway River which are listed as repetitive/severe repetitive loss properties. The 14 proposed structures to elevate provide a net benefit to the community.  Seven of the proposed dwellings to be elevated have experienced severe repetitive loss and all the dwellings subject to the project are located within a high-risk riverine flood are along the Rahway River. 

In November 2021, the township conducted a mailing, sent phone and text messages, and posted notices on its website and community access channel to inform more than 270 homeowners in flood plain.  Responding homeowners indicated their interest and completed homeowner packets, provided elevation certificates, proof of NFIP flood insurance and voluntarily agreed to participate.   

For homeowners without current elevation certificates, the township provided engineering services through consultants to prepare updated certificates. 

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