Public Assistance SOPs and Operations Manuals

Public Assistance Debris Monitoring Guide

This Debris Monitoring Guide provides guidance on monitoring debris removal operations and eligibility requirements associated with necessary work and reasonable costs to carry out a debris monitoring program.

FEMA-HUD Flexible Match Implementation Guide

Public Assistance Management Costs Standard Operating Procedure

This Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document defines the procedures for documenting and processing management cost claims under the Public Assistance Management Costs Interim Policy, published on November 14, 2018. The procedural information outlined in this document is intended to ensure consistent implementation of the Interim Policy and effective tracking and verification of management cost claims by Recipients and Subrecipients.

FEMA Damage Assessment Operations Manual

The FEMA Damage Assessment Operations Manual is part of a greater effort to provide a user-friendly, streamlined post-disaster damage assessment process that builds on the existing knowledge and expertise of State or Tribe and local partners to identify damage after a natural or man-made disaster. Eligible Tribes and U.S. territories are considered the same as States for application of FEMA programs; the Manual is aimed at clarifying FEMA damage assessment guidance, promoting standardized information collection, and assisting in the development of requests for federal disaster assistance.

9570.1 Host-State Sheltering SOP

This SOP outlines the procedures for a host-State seeking reimbursement from FEMA for evacuation and sheltering support provided to evacuees from an impact-state.

9570.6 Validation of Small Projects SOP

This SOP explains the process used to validate small projects.

9570.8 Cost Estimating Format (CEF) for Large Projects SOP

This SOP provides an overview of the Cost Estimating Format (CEF) for Large Projects and guidance on how to use the CEF tool. The SOP also discusses FEMA Headquarters large project reporting requirements.

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Public Assistance Recovery of Improper Payments Standard Operating Procedures, SOP 9570.16

This SOP is to provide guidance to the FEMA PA Program on the responsibilities and procedures for the recovery of payments identified as improper under IPIA and IPERA audit findings.

9570.24 Public Assistance Strategic Funds Management SOP

This SOP outlines the roles and responsibilities for Strategic Funds Management (SFM). SFM is FEMA's process for obligating Public Assistance project funding based on a subgrantee's schedule to execute the eligible work.

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