Apply for COVID-19 Funding from FEMA

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The COVID-19 incident period ended on May 11, 2023. FEMA will continue to provide funeral assistance until Sept. 30, 2025, to those who have lost loved ones due to this pandemic.

Government and non-profit organizations may be eligible to receive assistance for COVID-19 work under FEMA’s Public Assistance program.

Steps for Applying

1. Submit a Request for Public Assistance

The deadline to submit a Request for Public Assistance (RPA) to sign up with FEMA as an Applicant was July 1, 2022.

2. Submit Claims

Submit claims by filling out a project application at Select Applicant Event Level Profile tobegin the application.

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The deadline to submit claims for any work performed from January 20, 2020 through July 1, 2022 is December 31, 2022.

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Organizations may continue to submit claims for work performed after July 1, 2022.

3. Final Reconciliation and Project Closeout

Final reconciliation and project closeout will take place after funding is awarded and work for that project is complete.

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Need Help?

Call the hotline at 1-866-337-8448 or email the Grants Portal team.

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