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Assistance to Firefighters Grants - Pre-Score Webinar Schedule

Assistance to Firefighters Grants - Pre-Score Turndown Webinar Schedule


Thank you for your interest in the 2017 Assistance to Firefighters Program Pre-score Webinar. This webinar is specifically designed for fire and non-affiliated EMS organizations whose application(s) did not advance to the review panel. We are hoping through your attendance of this webinar that you will be able to look at your own application and determine how it can pass peer panel review in the future. Please allow a minimum of one to two hours to complete this interactive presentation.


Call in number: 1-800-320-4330 pin # 611362


*** At this time we do not have any Turndown webinars scheduled. We will resume Turndown webinars within the next few weeks. To ensure you are notified of any updates to the webinar schedule, make sure you are subscribed to the AFG E-Mail Alert. ***

Upcoming Session 
**TBD**11 am EDT
Following Sessions 
**TBD**1:00 pm EDT
**TBD**1:00 pm EDT
**TBD**1:00 pm EDT


Note: All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) 

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