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Assistance to Firefighters Grants - Application Tutorial - Section 3 - Part 1

This section covers Section 3 - Part 1 of the Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) application tutorial. The tutorial is intended for fire departments and eligible organizations who are interested in AFG application assistance tools.

*Please note that this tutorial was produced for the FY 2011 AFG open application period.  Applicants should always refer to the latest Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) when applying.*

e-Grant Application - Getting Started

To start your application, go to

  • Click on “E-Grant Application Access” to begin the application.
  • Download the FY11 Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG) Program Guidance.

Returning Users: Most applicants are returning users. If your department or organization has submitted an AFG grant application in the past, you are considered a returning user. Log in with your existing user ID and password to start or complete your 2011 AFG Program application.

Forgotten ID/Password: Click the “Forgot ID” or “Forgot Pwd” buttons below the login fields to retrieve forgotten information. You will need the date of birth and e-mail associated with the user ID.

Unknown ID/Password: If you do not know the user ID and/or password used for your organization, please contact the AFG Program office at 1-877-611-4700. The Program Office can also tell you whether your organization has applied for a grant in the past.

New User: New users are uncommon. Most organizations have applied for funding at some point in the past and are therefore considered returning users. If you are not sure whether your organization has applied previously, contact the AFG Program office at 1-877-611-4700. If you are sure you are a new user, click “New User?” below the login fields.

New Users: Creating a New Account

To create a new account, complete the following fields. Note that most organizations do NOT need new users accounts. To check to see if your organization has an existing account, contact the AFG Program Office at 1-877-611-4700.

Personal Information: Enter your name.

Login Information: Create a user ID according to the following guidelines:

  • Use lowercase.
  • The minimum length for a user ID is 7 characters; the maximum length is 14 characters.
  • User only numbers and letters. Do not use special characters such as ", *, #, or blank spaces.

Damaged Dwelling Address: Enter the primary address for the organization.

Contacts: Enter the organization name, phone, and e-mail address. Do not use the search feature. Note that this is the e-mail address to which forgotten user ID and password information will be sent.

Identity Confirmation Information: This information will be used to retrieve lost user IDs and passwords.


Before you click “Submit,” note the user ID, e-mail address, and identity confirmation information in this account. Keep it in a secure location.

When you are finished, click “Submit.” You will be asked to create a password on the next screen.

Remaining steps to creating a new account:

  • Create a password according to the following guidelines:
    • Use lowercase.
    • The minimum length for a password is 8 characters; the maximum length is 14 characters.
    • Use only numbers and letters. Do not use special characters such as ", *, #, or blank spaces.
    • Once you have created a password, click “Submit.”
    • Click the “Request new privileges” button on the next screen
    • Choose the Firefighters Grant icon to access the AFG system

Status Screen

You are ready to begin the application.

Starting a new application: Click “Start Application” next to FY 2011 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen.

Continue an existing application: Click “Go” next to “Update Application” in the Action column of the table showing your existing application(s).

Avoid Duplicates: Click the “check to see if someone has already started an application for your organization” link to avoid duplicate applications. Multiple applications submitted may result in disqualification.

Select Organization

If you have previously applied for a grant using the same User ID and Password, the Select Organization screen will appear. Select the organization name applying for this grant.

Application Status

From this screen, begin your application by clicking on “Overview” in the navigation bar on the left, or by clicking “Not Started” next to “Overview” in the body of the page.


  • Download and read the FY11 AFG Program Guidance before beginning your application.
  • Complete each section of the application in order.
  • Print each section as you complete it. You will not be able to print the entire application until you are finished.


Complete the questions at the top of this screen. If you are a grant writer, complete all the contact information on the screen. If you are a member of the organization applying for the grant, complete the primary contact information. The primary contact is the person with whom all exchanges of information will be made regarding the application.

Click “Save and Continue.”


Use the application menu or “Go Back” to return to previous screens if you need to and to update information before submitting your application. Do not use the forward and back arrows on your Internet browser.

Alternate Contact Information

In addition to the primary contact, provide two alternate contacts for your organization:

The alternate contact should:

  • Be able to answer any questions relative to this application in the event the primary contact is unavailable.
  • Have access to the username and password.
  • Have the ability to make decisions on behalf of the applicant.

Note that e-mail addresses are required. Keep e-mail addresses, and all other contact information, current.

Click “Save and Continue.”

Applicant Information

Complete the application information screen, noting the following:

  • Type of Applicant: Be sure to select the correct type of applicant. Changing this later will cause you to lose data.
  • DUNS Number: The Federal Government requires a DUNS number for any organization applying for a federal grant. If you don’t have a DUNS number, apply for one immediately. Call Dunn and Bradstreet at 1-866-705-5711 and select option 4 or visit the Website at //
  • Banking Information: Provide your organization’s bank account and routing number. This is the account where grant funds will be deposited if awarded.

To continue this tutorial, select one of the following applicant types:

Go back to Section 2.

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