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National Advisory Council Recommendations

The National Advisory Council meets in public session, either in person or by teleconference, to discuss and deliberate recommendations before forwarding them to the FEMA Administrator in a formal memo. FEMA typically provides written responses to the recommendations. A summary of recommendations as well as the recommendation and response memos are provided. 

Search Recommendation and Response Memos

NAC Report - November 2020

NAC Report - November 2019

FEMA Response to November 2019 National Advisory Council Recommendations

FEMA NAC Response to IPAWS Subcommittee Report - September 2019

FEMA NAC November 2018 Recommendations

FEMA Response to November 2018 NAC Recommendations

FEMA NAC Response Act Report - July 2018

Recommendations from the May 2018 NAC Meeting

FEMA Response to May 2018 NAC Recommendations

FEMA NAC RESPONSE Act Report - March 2018

NAC Report - December 2017

FEMA Response to Recommendations from the November 2017 NAC Meeting

NAC Report - June 2017

Last updated December 7, 2020