2011 Souris Valley Flood: By the Numbers

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1 Ranking of 2011 flood (in terms of measured river height) in Minot in recorded history
2 Number of Minot schools to be replaced (Ramstad Middle School, Lincoln Elementary)
3 Souris Valley Counties receiving FEMA Individual Assistance (McHenry, Renville, Ward)
4 Souris Valley Counties included in disaster declaration (Bottineau, McHenry, Renville, Ward)
6 Long-term Recovery Open House Meetings Conducted by FEMA in Minot and Burlington
28 Response/Recovery Support missions assigned by FEMA to other Federal Agencies
44 Number of Public Assistance program applicants from the four Souris Valley Counties
488 National Flood Insurance Program claims paid in the Souris Valley
789 Number of FEMA employees that have worked in response and recovery efforts in North Dakota
850 Lots constructed at three group housing sites (Virgil Workman Village, De Sour Valley Heights, and Recovery Village) – 623 are currently occupied
1,088 Public Infrastructure projects funded in the four Souris Valley Counties
1,561.6 Peak Souris River level reading at Minot Broadway Bridge*
  *Measured in feet above sea level
1,958 Peak number of FEMA housing units occupied at one time*
  *At an average of 3 persons per unit, that population would be North Dakota’s 13th largest city
2,168 SBA disaster loans approved for Souris Valley residents and businesses
8,256 Costs paid by FEMA for work assigned to other federal agencies to Applications for FEMA assistance from Souris Valley Residents
12,477 Visits to Disaster Recovery locations in six Souris Valley communities
27,500 Estimated Peak flow of Souris River through Minot*
  *would fill an Olympic-size swimming pool in less than 4 seconds
$59.3 million National Flood Insurance Program payout for policies in the Souris Valley
$80 million FEMA funding for Infrastructure projects in the four Souris Valley Counties
$91.1 million FEMA Individual Assistance funds provided directly to Souris Valley Residents
$240.9 million Value of SBA disaster loans approved for Souris Valley residents and businesses*
  *An average home loan approval of $102,284 and business loan approval of $185,281


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