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The 1993 Great Midwest Flood: Voices 10 Years Later

On this page you will find "Voices 10 years later." This is a collection of mitigation success stories from the 1993 Great Midwest Flood.

The 1993 Great Midwest Flood: Voices 10 Years Later is a collection of success stories taken largely from existing sources. These success stories document what effective mitigation can do to prevent future flood disasters. This publication also includes narratives from several "veterans" of the Great Midwest Flood of 1993 who had National Flood Insurance Program coverage and subsequently urged other property owners to buy it too.

The "Great Midwest Flood of 1993" was a landmark event that spanned more than 4 months. Remembering its devastation 10 years later may help other property owners and communities at risk from flooding become more aware of the harm that floods can do to lives, property, and infrastructure. This 10th-anniversary anthology will also be, we hope, a source of inspiration and encouragement for those communities and property owners at risk from flooding that there are measures they can take--today--to reduce their physical and financial risk from flood hazards.

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