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U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative

The purpose of this site is to provide information on the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative.  This site offers insights on the employment opportunities and provides background on the FEMA Reservist Program.  The intended audience for this site is U.S. Coast Guard retirees who are interested in continuing their service to their country and leveraging their Coast Guard experience by assisting survivors of all-hazard incidents as a FEMA Reservist. Reservists are the backbone of  FEMA’s incident workforce and, in most cases, are the “face” of FEMA to disaster survivors and first responders. By leveraging the professionalism, education, training, and commitment to service found in the U.S. Coast Guard’s retired population, FEMA will enhance its corps of intermittent employees who serve on the ground during disasters, and continue to meet one of FEMA’s fundamental goals—helping our Nation’s people and first-responders, especially when they are most in need.

How to Apply:

  • Review the list of Cadre & Positions descriptions under the 'Incident Workforce Cadres' section below.
  • Review the list of current vacancies found under the 'Positions' section below.
  • Identify the positions in which you are interested.
  • Update your resume.
  • Email us your resume and include the position number in your email.


The U.S. Coast Guard to FEMA Reservist Initiative 

Thank you for your interest in further serving our nation by assisting citizens and first responders during disasters or emergency situations.  Participants in the FEMA Reservist Program come from a wide range of vocational backgrounds and professions including former FEMA full time employees, FEMA Corps members, state, local and tribal employees, uniformed services, and social service agency members and volunteers. All of these individuals share a common interest with you in serving survivors when they are most in need. 

Below you will find a listing of available positions within the FEMA Qualification System (FQS), and its corresponding pay.  Most positions for which FEMA is recruiting are considered ‘Specialist’ or entry level. Entry level introduction ensures candidates will receive proper training, obtain necessary experience and perform professionally under FQS, which shares many similarities to the Coast Guard PQS.

Please keep in mind that the process of joining FEMA may take a few months; the amount of time it takes to review resumes, schedule interviews, conduct background checks, and make you a FEMA employee can be considerable.  In order to facilitate a more expeditious review, please consider tailoring your resume to the position for which you are applying and include the four letter identifier for that position when submitting your resume. FEMA greatly appreciates your patience, as we ensure that all candidates are given the proper consideration in this process. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact

Reservist Program Background

The Reservist Program was established October 1, 2012, to build and sustain a robust, well-trained, deployable, and available corps of employees to support the needs of disaster survivors and their communities.  Reservists are temporary intermittent employees who are hired into one of 21 incident workforce cadres to perform a specific job/function within a cadre.  Reservists possess valuable skills, training, and experience, which assist FEMA in performing its survivor centric duties to its fullest capability.  

The US Coast Guard to FEMA Reservist Opportunity

FEMA and the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree Council collaborated to create an exciting opportunity for personnel with 20+ years of dedicated service who have retired from the United States Coast Guard.  It’s the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative. 

Through this program, Coast Guard men and women are able to continue to honorably serve their country using their hard-earned experience, skills and professionalism to support survivors and first responders during all-hazard incidents.  This unique opportunity will allow qualified Coast Guard members to marry their expertise with a position within one of 21 Incident Workforce Cadres.

As a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative, participants will be called upon to augment staffing requirements in support of disaster operations. 

Active members will be required to:

  •  Maintain availability in accordance with the Reservist Conditions of Employment.
  •  Receive and maintain mission appropriate equipment as required.
  •  Receive required training within their FEMA Qualification System designated position.
  •  Deploy within 24 hours of notification.
  •  Potentially work in excess of eight hours a day or in excess of 40 hours in a given week.

Why Join?

As a part of FEMA’s disaster workforce, Reservists serve the nation by assisting citizens and first responders during disasters or emergency situations.  As a Reservist, you will have the opportunity to train, gain experience, and become qualified in a specific disaster role.  Being a Reservist will allow you to assist in the coordinated response and recovery efforts of impacted citizens, communities, local, tribal, territorial, and state governments. 

Incident Workforce Cadres

Below is a list of the Incident Workforce cadres participating in the U.S. Coast Guard Retiree to FEMA Reservist Initiative.  Access "The Function of Incident Workforce Cadres and Position Descriptions" document for complete descriptions of each cadre and all disaster job titles they oversee.  If you're interested in an opportunity to join a cadre below, click on the cadre name and submit an email acknowledging your interest.


Acquisitions (AQC) Specialist (ACQ0001)

Salary ($15.82 - $23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 4
Position Description:The Acquisition Procurement Specialist is responsible for the acquisition of supplies, equipment and services including determine the best source, negotiating with suppliers and evaluating vendor performance.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Advisor (ADR0001)

Salary ($39.57/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 4
Position Description: The ADR Advisor conducts ADR and prevention activities and collaboration processes. Primary duties include the following:

  • Provide prompt, expert means of resolving disputes.
  • Assist individuals and groups with problem solving, as requested, using processes such as conflict coaching, mediation, conciliation, facilitation, “climate” assessment, and group-participation processes.
  • Provide advice and consultation on ADR to the C&GS, supervisors, and employees using ADR.
  • Coordinate and disseminate ADR information and provide outreach.
  • Conduct a thorough and sensitive intake with each client.

Disaster Field Training Operations (DFTO) Specialist (DFTO0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 46
Position Description: The DFTO Specialist assists with planning, coordinating, and delivering training activities. A DFTO Specialist may also maintain Training Unit activities, such as maintaining the training calendar and training schedules entering Training Unit related data into FEMA data systems, setting up the training room, supporting the FEMA Employee Knowledge Center (FEKC), and providing support and guidance for the FQS.

Disability Integration (DI) Advisor (DI0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 9
Position Description: The DI Advisor is responsible for conducting, managing and supervising disability integration activities.

Disaster Survivor Assistance (DSA) Specialist (DSA0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 73
Position Description:The DSA Specialist disseminates disaster-specific information to individuals and the community, collects and submits information through appropriate channels, registers survivors for FEMA assistance, and provides case status and updates. The DSA Specialist must build working relationships with local and community-based organizations and operations personnel. The DSA Specialist also has specific additional qualifications for events and multilingual specialties.

External Affairs (EA) Specialist (EA0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 69
Position Description:An EA Specialist can perform a number of duties under various roles including:

  • Identifying and monitoring influential media users and websites in the affected communities, ensures content development meets FEMA HQ requirements, and updates the JFO website.
  • Supporting and assistance to the congressional affairs program.
  • Conducting preliminary research on the government structure, reviewing State and local profiles, making initial contact with intergovernmental officials, conducting office meetings with designated intergovernmental officials, and preparing and delivering presentations at official government meetings.
  • Monitoring news media to ensure all relevant information is gathered, produces the daily media analysis report, sets up media monitoring equipment, and provides media analysis.
  • Conducting preliminary tribal research and interfacing with tribal officials.
  • Obtaining situational awareness, developing messaging, and participating in the action planning process.

Environmental/Historic Preservation (EHP) Specialist (EHP0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 218
Position Description:An EHP Specialist can perform a number of duties under various roles including:

  • Prescribing compliance measures, preparing reports, analyzing available PDA data, and providing general information and technical assistance to the incident management organization regarding EHP requirements for their programs Supporting  and assistance to the congressional affairs program
  • Providing subject matter expertise in environmental floodplain considerations.
  • Providing expertise in historic preservation considerations and makes determinations regarding compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106.

Equal Rights (ER) Advisor (ER0001)

Salary ($39.57/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 6
Position Description:The ER Advisor is responsible for supporting the Agency’s mission through Title VII (equal employment), outreach, inclusion, Title VI (nondiscrimination), and other equal rights initiatives. The ER Advisor is also responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable equal rights and civil rights statutes. Primary duties include the following:

  • Review planned FEMA activities and documents for compliance with policies, laws, and regulations pertaining to EEO and civil rights.
  • Verify the accuracy of the equal rights portion of the administrative procedures.
  • Draft civil rights and equal employment correspondence for the FCO’s signature and distribute to staff.
  • Verify the accuracy of information on all posters and in all Equal Rights documents before they are duplicated and distributed.

Financial Management (FM) Specialist (FM0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 15.82/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 36
Position Description:The FM Specialist prepares or assists in the preparation of reports and analysis. The FM Specialist assists with executing transactions in the financial management processing systems, monitors all HQ and non-HQ generated procurement actions to ensure all actions are obligated in a timely manner, and monitors the status of payroll and travel funds. The FM Specialist advises any procurement action which is not obligated within 10 days and makes recommendations for additional funding when required for payroll and travel funds.

Hazard Mitigation (HM) Specialist (HM0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 1201
Position Description:As a HM Specialist, there is a variety of roles and assignments including:

  • Conducting administrative functions and procedures, and for providing administrative support for the HM Branch.
  • Analyze program related data and implementation of HM processes.
  • Collect, review, and organize disaster-related information; communicate program information; establish and maintain effective working relationships; advise on HM program concepts, rules, regulations, and processes; analyze program-related data to make recommendations and identify problems; implement HM CEO processes; and provide basic CEO technical assistance to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Identifying and prioritizing sites for field assessment (repetitive loss, substantial damage, flood insurance issues, floodplain management issues, 406 opportunities, protection of wetlands, etc.).
  • Coordinating HM data with other agencies and organizations, developing and maintaining geospatial databases, participating in incident action planning, and managing HM data and storage devices.
  • Conduct architectural and engineering studies and analyses, and providing technical support for the review of hazard mitigation project and building codes.

Human Resources (HR) Specialist (HR0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 15.82/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 8
Position Description: The HR Specialist is responsible for reviewing and submitting approved deployment requests through the Agency Deployment System.   Additionally, the HRSP validates staffing reports for accuracy, and completeness on Agency Disaster Responders and Other Government Agencies. Other duties include:

  • Provides guidance and assistance to disaster Reservist employees for insurance and health benefits enrollment.
  • Provides guidance and assistance to disaster supervisors and employees in filing the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program (OWCP) claims and accident reports, providing advice and guidance on documentation and filing requirements.
  • Receive, log and evaluate resumes/applications against job order requirements to determine eligibility.
  • Compare and reconcile T&A information with the deployment staffing report, ensuring WebTA has been validated and certified for every assigned disaster employee.
  • Check the time records for accuracy and troubleshoot various pay issues.

Individual Assistance (IA)Specialist (IA0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 71
Position Description: The IA Specialist provides customer service and case work to applicants on FEMA Individual Assistance programs. Primary duties include the following:

  • Research applicant cases that are referred to Applicant Assistance;
  • Speak directly with applicants, discuss their case status and confirm that they understand the assistance process and the current status of their case;
  • Communicate with applicants, discuss case status and confirm they understand disaster assistance programs and the process, and provide current status of their case;
  • Provide applicants with appropriate referrals to other Federal, State and local agencies, voluntary organizations, and faith based organizations;
  • Communicate with applicants, discuss case status, and confirm they understand disaster assistance programs and eligibility.

Information Technology (IT) Specialist (IT0001)

Salary ($15.82– 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 236
Position Description:The IT Specialist may serve in three distinct roles: Service, Network  and Telecom. The Service Specialist receives customer requests for assistance and refers them to the appropriate Logistics Section element for resolution and tracks dispositions of resulting actions. The Network Specialist provides IT services for wired and wireless data network services for all incident facilities.

Logistics (LOG) Specialist (LOG0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 475
Positon Description: The LOG Specialist can be assigned to any logistical element for general support of logistics operations, which can include: accountability, protection, transfer, and ultimate disposition of personal property; correcting and enforcing the appropriate use of FEMA-approved automated logistic systems; assisting with the receiving, storing and distributing supplies or responsible for establishing the best source of supply.

National Disaster Recovery Support (NDRS) Specialist (NDRS0001)

Salary ($15.82– 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 37
Position Description:The NDRS Specialist position can include the following duties:

  • Provide technical expertise to internal and external recovery partners on strategies and resources to support recovery efforts.
  • Organize and maintain a recovery information management system that enables recovery staff’s ability to collaborate and work effectively
  • Ensure the organization and maintenance of a recovery information management system that enables recovery staff’s ability to collaborate and work effectively.

Operations (OPS) Specialist (OPS0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 15.82/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 107
Position Description:The OPS Specialist assists the Operations Staff with the preparation of the Incident Action Plan, sharing of information and other duties as assigned by their supervisor. An OPS Specialist can also be responsible for assisting in the preparation, tracking an monitoring of Mission Assignments.

Public Assistance (PA) Specialist (PA0001)

Salary ($15.82 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 142
Positon Description:The PA Specialist is a customer service provider who works with the applicant writing quality project worksheets (subgrant applications) that can be obligated (funded) without changes (complete scope of work, damage description, and accurate cost estimate) in accordance with the PAC Crew Leader project formulation plan (subgrant applications). Prepares project worksheets (sub-grant applications) including: conducting site inspection; documenting eligible damage; conducting project research and analysis as needed; formulating eligible scope of work; estimating costs of scope; identifying and coordinating special considerations; identifying and coordinating required technical specialists.. Establishes and maintains hard-copy applicant files. Maintains and updates information in the EMMIE and Dashboard databases. Reports progress of activities to the immediate supervisor.

Planning (PLAN) Specialist (PLAN0001)

Salary ($12.06 – 15.82/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 154
Position Description:The PLAN Specialist gathers and analyzes information and assists with the preparation of plans as assigned

Planning (PLAN) GIS Specialist (PLAN0001)

Salary ($15.82 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 9
Position Description:The PLAN GIS Specialist conducts basic geo-processing, develops geospatial products, uses specialized geospatial software, operates and calibrates GPS units and mobile data collection devices, and supports customers as needed.

Safety (SAF) Advisor (SAF0001)

Salary ($15.82 – 23.69/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 68
Position Description:The SAF Advisor’s primary duties include the following: Ensure that safety, health, and environmental (Safety) hazard assessments are completed, including all incident facilities, buildings and workplace job hazard analyses (JHA), and safety and health checklists. Exercise emergency authority to stop and prevent unsafe acts and activities when necessary Provide situational awareness to immediate supervisor on any changes that could affect disaster-wide operations.

Security (SEC) Specialist (SEC0001)

Salary ($12.06– 15.82/hr)
Number of Vacancies: 124
Position Description:The SEC Specialist assists in conducting and monitoring security operations, including badging and fingerprinting.

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