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Testimony and Speeches

This page contains links to official written testimony, covering numerous topics from 2009 to the present.

2020 Testimony

2019 - 2012 Testimony

2011-2009 Testimony


  • 03/11/11 - Legislative Proposals to Reform the National Flood Insurance Program (PDF 165KB, TXT 30KB)
  • 03/17/11 - Catastrophic Preparedness: How Ready Is FEMA for the Next Big Disaster? (PDF 191KB, TXT 51KB)
  • 03/17/11 - Preventing Improperly Paid Federal Assistance in the Aftermath of Disasters (PDF 139KB, TXT 23KB)
  • 03/30/11 - Improving the Nation’s Response to Catastrophic Disasters: How to Minimize Costs and Streamline our Emergency Management Programs (PDF 166KB, TXT 38KB)
  • 04/06/11 - FEMA FY 2012 Budget Hearing (PDF 166KB, TXT 45KB)
  • 04/14/11 - Tsunami Warning, Preparedness, and Interagency Cooperation: Lessons Learned (PDF 139KB, TXT 22KB)
  • 05/05/2011 - Understanding the Power of Social Media as a Communication Tool in the Aftermath of Disasters (PDF 90KB, TXT 18KB)
  • 06/08/11 - Evolution of Emergency Management and Communication (PDF 118KB, TXT 34KB)
  • 07/14/11 - FEMA Reauthorization and Cutting the Red Tape in Recovery (PDF 209KB, TXT 15KB)
  • 07/19/11 - 2011 Spring Storms: Picking Up the Pieces and Building Back Stronger (PDF 246KB, TXT 27KB)
  • 07/21/11 - Facing Floods and Fires - Emergency Preparedness for Natural Disasters in Native Communities (PDF 151KB, TXT 13KB)
  • 10/12/11 - The Federal Role in Disaster Recovery and Response (PDF 109KB, TXT 11KB)
  • 10/13/11 - Streamlining Emergency Management: Improving Preparedness, Response, and Cutting Costs (PDF 121KB, TXT 21KB)
  • 10/17/11 - Wildfires in the State of Texas (PDF 124KB, TXT 21KB)
  • 10/20/11 - Accountability at FEMA: Is Quality Job #1? (PDF 117KB, TXT 19KB)
  • 10/25/11 - Five Years Later: An Assessment of the Post Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act (PDF 124KB, TXT 23KB)
  • 10/28/11 - The State of Northern Border Preparedness:
    A Review of Federal, State, and Local Coordination (PDF 111KB, TXT 16KB)
  • 11/17/11 - Federal Partners' Emergency Communications Collaboration and Capabilities (PDF 108KB, TXT 13KB)
  • 11/29/11 - Ensuring Effective Preparedness and Response: Lessons Learned from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee (PDF 105KB, TXT 14KB)


  • 2/23/10 - American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009  Fire Station Construction Grant Program (PDF 72KB, TXT 12KB)
  • 05/26/10 - American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Of 2009  Fire Station Construction Grant Program (PDF 79KB, TXT 16KB)
  • 6/15/10 - Caring for Special Needs during Disasters: What’s being done for Vulnerable Populations? (PDF 129KB, TXT 31KB)
  • 06/29/10 - FEMA’s Grant Programs Directorate (PDF 32KB, TXT 14KB)
  • 09/29/10 - Earthquake Preparedness—What the United States can Learn from the 2010 Chilean and Haitian Earthquakes (PDF 119KB, TXT 42KB)
  • 09/29/10 - Emergency Logistics Management: Transforming the Delivery of Disaster Relief for the 21st Century (PDF 139KB, TXT 24KB)


  • 07/27/09 - Post Katrina: What it Takes to Cut the Bureaucracy and Assure a More Rapid Response After a Catastrophic Disaster (PDF 50KB, TXT 10KB)
  • 07/8/09 - Reauthorization of the Fire Grant Programs (PDF 50KB, TXT 10KB)
  • 07/8/09 - FEMA Housing: An Examination of Current Problems and Innovative Solutions (PDF 50KB, TXT 10KB)
  • 02/25/09 - Post Katrina Disaster Response and Recovery: Evaluating FEMA's Continuing Efforts in the Gulf Coast and Response to Recent Disasters (PDF 69KB, TXT 35KB)


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