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National Planning Branch

Develop strategic plans outlining the federal response to the nation's most complex and catastrophic disasters.

Our Mission

To develop strategic plans in coordination with federal partners that address the nation’s most complex and catastrophic disasters.

What We Do

NPB’s deliberate planning process provides critical opportunities to mitigate shortfalls in federal emergency response and recovery. In coordinating national plans, NPB encourages interagency partners to consider their authorities and structures. This interagency engagement reveals lifeline dependencies and helps to inform planning efforts at the regional, state, and local levels.

National Planning Products

NPB’s national plans are the only documents outlining how the entire federal government organizes and conducts disaster response and recovery, making them critical to FEMA’s mission.

NPB coordinates with federal partners to develop and implement the Response and Recovery Federal Interagency Operations Plan (FIOP), which provides a federal concept of operations to support all levels of government.

To effectively prepare for and respond to unique threats or hazards, NPB develops incident annexes to the Response and Recovery FIOP, including the:

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