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Federal Interagency Operational Plans

The Federal Interagency Operational Plans (FIOPs), one for each preparedness mission area, describe how the federal government aligns resources and delivers core capabilities.

The FIOPs build upon the National Planning Frameworks, which set the strategy and doctrine for how the whole community builds, sustains, and delivers the core capabilities identified in the National Preparedness Goal

Plan for Each Mission Area

The FIOPs are part of the National Preparedness System. There is one FIOP for each of the five preparedness mission areas.

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Protection Federal Interagency Operational Plan

Protection of Key Leadership and Special Events Annex*

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Prevention Federal Interagency Operational Plan - FOUO*

* These plans contain sensitive information and are not publicly available on unclassified systems in the interest of national security. Stakeholders who would like a copy can receive one through their local Fusion Center or by emailing FEMA.

The FIOPs describe the concept of operations for integrating and synchronizing existing national-level capabilities to support plans at all governmental levels. These plans help federal departments and agencies develop and maintain department-level operational plans.

Incident Annexes

Incident annexes address unique concepts of operations, roles, responsibilities, critical tasks or resources for a specific risk or hazard not otherwise addressed by the FIOP.

Other stakeholders engaged in their own planning may find these documents useful in enhancing their understanding of how the federal response will be implemented and how their planning efforts can be complementary.

Last updated Jul 21, 2020

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