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FEMA Exercise Branch

Coordinate, develop and conduct exercises to test and validate FEMA's planning efforts and preparedness posture.

Our Mission

The FEMA Exercise Branch cultivates a culture of inclusive preparedness and continuous improvement, in part, by supporting the development of a comprehensive emergency management workforce, postured to respond to any incident at any level.

Exercise Branch Mission strengthen capabilities through exercises. Exercise Branch vision outcome-driven exercises that enable effective execution of the FEMA mission.

The Branch accomplishes our mission by:

  • Administering the FEMA Exercise and Evaluation Program (EEP)
  • Representing FEMA’s interests within the NEP (National Exercise Program) and DHS EEP
  • Coordinating FEMA’s participation in major interagency exercises
  • Providing exercise expertise/resources to the FEMA community.

What We Do

The Branch achieves transformational change to emergency management by:

  1. Developing focused exercises that address high priority threats and hazards
  2. Developing exercises to educate/reinforce knowledge in emergency management plans, policies, and procedures
  3. Assessing the Agency's emergency readiness
  4. Identifying critical capability gaps across all mission areas
  5. Providing FEMA and its partners with the tools needed to increase whole community outcomes in emergency management.

FEMA Exercise and Evaluation Program

The FEMA Exercise and Evaluation Program (FEMA EEP) is a cross-functional community of exercise planners and partners that continuously work together to support the Agency in achieving its mission of helping people before, during, and after disasters.

The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) page provides training materials such as HSEEP Webinars and a HSEEP Video Series on Youtube to increase the knowledge base for the community.

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