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Identify Recovery Programs and Resources to Support Needs, Plans and Projects

After a disaster, a wide variety of funding becomes available for affected communities. Success in disaster recovery requires local government and partner community organizations to look comprehensively at recovery needs, set goals, and match those needs with the broad landscape of available federal, state, and non-governmental resources.

Key Resources - Identify Programs and Resources

Public Assistance Program
FEMA funding for repair of public and eligible private non-profit facilities (FEMA).

Individual Assistance Program
FEMA funding to individuals and households to address disaster recovery needs (FEMA).

Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program
FEMA funding programs to mitigate natural hazards before and following disasters (FEMA).

Recovery and Resilience Funding Resource Library
Comprehensive library to all federal interagency resources addressing resilience and recovery needs (FEMA).

Grants Management Capacity Local Solutions Guide
Broad guide to covering the entire grants development lifecycle and suggestions for building local capability to formulate projects, seek funding and manage grants (FEMA).