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Risk MAP Region III Resources

Map Service Center: Find your official flood map, access a range of other flood hazard products, and take advantage of tools for better understanding flood risk.

FEMA Map Information eXchange: Talk, email or chat with a Map Specialist.

Risk MAP Guidance: Access the latest guidance documents that provide best practices for FEMA's Risk MAP program.

Protect Your Home from Flooding: Low-Cost Projects You Can Do Yourself

FEMA's Flood Risk Products: Driving Data-Informed Decisions for Community Resilience: This Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tool provides an overview of flood risk products, which are additional GIS products FEMA often provides to communities through the RiskMAP process. These can help communities better understand and analyze their risk from flooding.

Learning from Lycoming: Using FEMA's Flood Risk Products to Improve Community Resilience: Using Lycoming County, PA as an example, this tool serves as a how-to guide for simple, helpful GIS data analysis using flood risk products.

Understanding Flood Dangers from Central West Virginia: Lessons Learned from the June 2016 Flood: The floods of June 23 and 24, 2016, devastated communities in West Virginia. Repeated rounds of torrential thunderstorms dumped more than 9 inches of rain in the hardest hit areas, and media reports referred to the storm as a “1 in 1,000-year event.” Many residents felt that the flooding was as bad as it could get. However, research by the United States Geological Survey and the Federal Emergency Management Agency shows otherwise. In fact, this type of event could happen more frequently than previously thought. It is critical to understand the June 2016 event so that West Virginia communities can  take action to be safer in the future.

This document includes findings from studies of flood insurance rate maps (FIRMs), as well as insurance, flood risk, and opportunities for government and other partners to mitigate and reduce future risk.

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